Friends and supporters,

USVBA is making real progress as we navigate through the COVID-19 waters. As veterans, we understand that we work better as a team than individually, supporting each other and providing assistance as necessary. As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we know that if success is going to happen, it is up to us. As difficult as these times are, we continue to work together to exchange ideas, provide feedback, and make connections to ensure that our brothers and sisters are able to realize success, even in trying times. I’ve spoken with many folks who have had their business upended but have found a way to stay afloat by providing Personal Protective Equipment and other in demand items. Not only is it a sustainable model to provide revenue, but we are able to help the medical community and first responders, who are fast becoming the heroes of this moment.

We’ve just had our Board of Directors election, and I’d like to welcome two outstanding additions. Mike Wolfgang is a Marine Corps helicopter crew chief, and notably served as the Marine One Crew Chief, greeting the President of the United States every time he stepped aboard the aircraft. He has started a business consulting service (M1 Consulting), where he assists small businesses put processes in place that will greatly improve their operations. Elton Johnson is a Marine Corps and Army veteran with 25 years of experience managing and operating financial firms. He is the president and CEO of Amerivet Securities. I want to extend my congratulations to each of them, and am looking forward to working with them both.

When the new board convenes in July, we will have a busy schedule for the upcoming year. With the help of Bill Cunningham, we will continue to improve and refine our chapter operations and provide a tremendous virtual platform that allows our members to interact with each other, mentors, as well as government agencies and prime contractors that can benefit from their participation. Monty Gearhart is continuing to improve our digital platform and make the website a real place to find information and opportunities. We will also reinvigorate the Corporate Advisor Board, to ensure that we are listening to the people who are defining requirements and ensuring their companies are spending wisely and efficiently.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming year for USVBA, but also remembering those that came before us, and gave so much, so that we can enjoy what we have. I hope everyone has a safe summer, and a great 4th of July. Please be careful during this normally festive time, as we are going to have to find new ways to celebrate what is usually a very community focused holiday. Best of luck to you all!

Warm regards,

Daniel Connor
President, USVBA