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This Summer’s Most Popular Internet Scams

As time has gone on, the awareness of cybersecurity threats has increased.  By now, most people know someone who has had a brush with cybercriminals, or they too have been a victim of cybercrime.  Unfortunately, this increase in cybersecurity awareness has been met...

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For Password Security, the Advice Remains the Same

For Password Security, the Advice Remains the Same

Passwords are what allow access to computers and systems; they are pretty much a necessary iterant to all users.  They are the first line of defense in protecting systems and users.  They are half of what is called the credentials.  The first half is user...

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Lazarus hacking group now hides payloads in BMP image files

Notice: The information in this report is a synopsis of the source articles.  For in depth information please refer to the source cited at the end of each article.   171 Comply Cyber Alert Date: 20 April 2021 Title:  Lazarus hacking group now hides payloads in...

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New Cybersecurity Certificate Programs

Highlight Your Resume with a Certificate! FPS Technical Data and Intellectual Property Certificate The FPS Technical Data and Intellectual Property Certificate program effectively blends detailed instruction with practical, hands-on exercises that are designed to...

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New Cybersecurity Webinars

Webinars & Webinar Series Introduction to Cybersecurity 4-part On-Demand Webinar Series | $395 Catching the Next Wave of DFARs Cybersecurity Compliance On-Demand Webinar | $100 CFIUS Revamped: Major Changes Under the New Regulations On-Demand Webinar Series | $249...

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New Cybersecurity Courses

Beginner/Intermediate Courses The Framework of Cybersecurity Law May 3 | FPS Virtual Course July 26 | Hilton Head, SC The Basics of IT Acquisition and Contracting May 4 | FPS Virtual Course July 27 | Hilton Head, SC Cloud Security and FedRAMP Fundamentals May 5 | FPS...

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