Members, Partners, and Friends,

Welcome to 2021! I am sure many (if not all) of us are happy to put 2020 in the rearview mirror and are looking forward to the new year, and USVBA is doing the same thing. We were forced to postpone the annual Keeping The Promise event in the spring, and consolidate our chapter meetings into a monthly Zoom meeting, but we’ve weathered the storm thus far and I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

During this “down time”, we’ve taken the opportunity to look inward to ensure that we were operating smoothly and efficiently. We found a few areas where we could improve and I’m glad to say that we are making those necessary changes.

We’re excited about our new website which will launch in the next couple of months, and will bring a lot more functionality and provide you with relevant and necessary information to help your businesses thrive and grow.

Our legislative efforts continue, and we are frequently advocating for veteran and small business legislation both in Sacramento as well as Washington D.C.

We are still considering whether to host a 2021 Keeping The Promise in an off season, or pick up where we started with a spring event. In the meantime, we will be moving forward with other events to bring veteran businesses and prime contractors together. While it is clear that there is burnout from Zoom meetings, we have continued to adapt to provide value to you, and I think our December event with PG&E was a great success, and there will be more of those with each of our Corporate Advisory Board members. It’s a great opportunity to interact directly with the category leads and figure out how to work with them.

Until we can get back to seeing each other in person, I hope all of you stay safe and healthy. Best of luck in the new year!


Daniel Connor
USVBA President