Friends, Members, and Partners,

Last month, the USVBA Board of Directors welcomed two new members and immediately got to work at our annual strategic planning session. While COVID-19 kept us from getting together in person, we met for two consecutive Fridays via Zoom to assess our situation and plan for the new year. The meetings were a tremendous success, and I’m glad to be able to share the results with you.

After looking at our current organization, we adjusted our committee structure and put more of the decision-making capabilities in the hands of the committee chairmen. This allows our board members who are passionate about issues to focus their efforts and really make a difference.

We are providing more support to our Executive Director and making changes that will improve our accounting and operating practices. With these changes, we will improve financial transparency and provide reports to the board, our members, and our supporters, to show that we are using their resources wisely.

Our Membership Committee is looking at two specific areas that will increase membership and provide greater value for those members. We are ensuring that we are accurately defining our value proposition, and adding to an already impressive and growing list of benefits that we provide for our members. Additionally, we are looking at our membership rates. We want to ensure that we increase the value of what we provide, and that our members are charged a fair price.

Lastly, the most notable change will be in our digital presence. We are improving our website to provide access to actionable information and opportunities, in an easily digestible format. I’m looking forward to its launch, and to providing even more avenues for your success.

As we adapt to the world changing around us, we are continuing to prove our worth to members and partners alike, creating the marketplace that marries requirements together with capabilities. Best of luck to you and please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can continue to improve.

Warm regards,

Daniel Connor
President, USVBA