Environmental Construction, Inc. (“ECI”) seeks DVBE suppliers and subcontractors for Simi Valley Unified School District’s “SINALOA MIDDLE SCHOOL SHADE STRUCTURE RE-BID (No. 18C7BX291)” project, bidding 03-07-18 at 10:00AM. Engineer’s estimate is $975,000. There is a 3% DVBE goal.


The work includes demolition, clearing, site work, grading, paving, accessible parking stalls, ramps, fabrication & construction of new shade structure, including construction of large caisson footings below the groundwater table, irrigation & landscaping, fencing, and ADA accessibility. ECI seeks proposals for all items of work.


Send proposals by 03-07-18 at 8:00AM to estimating@environcon.com or fax 818‐805‐3560. Bonds will not be required from qualified DVBE subs. Plans and specs are available; email or call 818‐449‐8920 to get them.