Fake voter request for information scam

With the current Presidential Election in full swing, spam groups are striking while the iron is hot.  They are using voter registration-related lures to trick people into accessing fake government sites and give away their personal data, sometimes with the group being so bold to ask for banking and email passwords and even auto registration information.  They are Using subject lines like “voter registration application details could not be confirmed” and “your county clerk couldn’t confirm voter registration,” users are lured to web pages posing as government sites and asked to fill a voter registration form again.  The emails usually lure users to a site that looks the same, like the one below.

What to do:

Ignore these requests.  Inform all employees to be on the lookout for this type of phishing attempts.

What can you do to when this happens to you?

Ignore these requests.  Notify your cyber security point of contact of the phishing attempt. 



This USVBA Cyber Alert is provided by our partner, 171 Comply. Please visit their website to learn more about CMMC and their services.