Granite Construction is seeking assistance with locating DBE companies to bid on the following



Hwy 580 Bridge Seismic Retrofit in Richmond at Scofield Ave Undercrossing

Contract 04-4G8904

Bid Opens April 11, 2018 at 2pm

Engineers Estimate is $10,500,000

310 Working days *9% DBE Requirement


Currently we are seeking DBEs for the following areas of work:

(Including but not limited to) the following suggested items:

Concrete & Cement Supplier, Erosion Control, Temp Erosion Control, Concrete Pumping, Concrete Structure, Reinforcing Steel, Waterproofing, Steel Structures, Clean & Paint Steel, Fencing, Temporary Fencing, Lead Compliance, Swppp Planning, Trucker Broker, Crane


But we will also welcome quotations from any DBE firms who are interested in other areas of work on

this contract.


Granite Construction will break down items of work as feasible to facilitate DBE participation on this



Owner’s website for plans or opting in as a sub/supplier:‐ads/oe‐project.php?q=04-48904

Our Estimator Contact for this job is:


Fred Ackerman

(408) 327‐7053

FAX NUMBER for DBE quotes is (408) 3277090