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USVBA is proud to announce that we have partnered with 171Comply to provide our members with exclusive access to services to help small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business. 171Comply takes a business approach to the process of developing, implementing and sustainment of your System Security Plan. A plan that supports the security of both your physical and cyber worlds. Their focus is small businesses who need to be NIST SP 800-171 complant, and are looking for an effective and cost efficient way to meet those requirements.

We’re looking forward this growing this relationship, and are eager to provide this value to our members!

Daniel Connor
President, USVBA

System Security
Planning and Policies

Effective system security starts with planning and policies. 171Comply’s goal is to provide you with the tools needed to support your planning and policies development. Our team can help you optimize system security/cybersecurity compliance and document strategies as they relate to your business goals and objectives.


System Security: Audit and Compliance

With your company’s business plan and goals established, 171Comply can support you in the various system security auditing and compliance issues. We provide a templated security policy that can be customized to your business.

System Security: Consulting

171Comply’s system security consulting experts are well versed in physical security as well as cyber security. We are here to help you navigate all aspects of your system security business infrastructure. We offer site wide security solutions and services, to support your company’s security requirements as related to your business goals.

About 171Comply

“CMMC is not a weekend science project. It is a company-wide, all hands approach to CyberSecurity.”

— Mike Olivier, CEO/President 171 Comply, 2019

Our Purpose

To assist companies in developing compliant System Security Plans (SSP). An SSP includes both Cyber Security and Physical Security. To do this, we take a business approach in helping you in the process and development of system security planning. This means we ensure the company’s business goals and objectives are first in developing a security architecture.

A principal philosophy in system security planning is that the system security has to be built into the company’s computer system architecture and culture. Through the use of security focused policy templates that outline compliance; the use of worksheets that guide the development of baseline architectures, along with role-based user access to system resources, there is assurance that the company’s business purpose is the guiding factor in achieving system security planning compliance.

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