Human Systems Directorate Lab Operational Support
Sources Sought Synopsis (SSS): # WNUK-21-008
General Introduction:
1.This announcement constitutes a Sources Sought Synopsis (SSS) only. The Air Force LifeCycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Human Systems Division (AFLCMC/WNU) isconducting a market assessment to identify potential sources and companies that may possess theexpertise, capabilities, and experience to respond to the requirements listed in this document toexplore cost effective options to provide this capability and to obtain valuable feedback inregards to the requirements for laboratory operational support for the new Life SupportSystems Scientific Test, Analysis, and Qualification Lab (LSS STAQ) and the new AirmenAccommodation Lab (AAL). ALFCMC/WNU is issuing this SSS to explore cost effectiveoptions to provide this capability and to obtain valuable feedback in regards to the attacheddraft Statement of Objectives (SOO). This SSS is issued solely for information and planningpurposes and will be considered to determine the acquisition strategy for the LSS STAQ andAAL labs as well as future solicitations.
2.This is not a request for a quote, request for proposal, or an invitation to bid, nor is this to beconstrued as a commitment by the Government to issue a solicitation or ultimately award acontract. Additionally, this SSS does not restrict the Government to a particular acquisitionapproach. The Government will not reimburse or pay for any information submitted inresponse to this SSS or any follow-up information requests. Responders are advised that theGovernment will not pay for any information or administrative cost incurred in response to thisSSS. Please be advised that all submissions become Government property and will not bereturned. All costs associated with responding to this SSS will be solely at the respondingparty’s expense.
3.AFLCMC is not seeking proposals at this time, and will not accept unsolicited proposals.
4.Not responding to this SSS does not preclude participation in any future Request for Proposal(RFP), if issued. Small Businesses are encouraged to provide responses to this SSS in order toassist AFLCMC in determining potential levels of competition available in the industry, aswell as helping to establish a basis for developing any subsequent subcontracting goals. Theacquisition strategy is still being determined. The Government’s intent is to use marketresearch results to determine whether this requirement will be a full and open competition, asmall business set aside, a sole source acquisition, or utilization of DLA contract.
5.If there is sufficient demonstrated interest and capability among small business contractors,then it may be determined that a small business set-aside is appropriate. A key factor indetermining if an acquisition will be a small business set-aside is that two or more potential
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small business prime contractors must be capable of performing at least 50% of the effort, as defined in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 52.219-14, “Limitations on Subcontracting”. Note: The Nonmanufacturer Rule exception applies to this acquisition (see FAR 19.102(f) for more details). If it is determined that a small business set-aside is appropriate, and your company anticipates submitting a proposal as the prime contractor for a small business set- aside, please provide specific details and rationale as to how compliance with FAR 52.219-14 would be achieved, including specific details regarding teaming arrangements, etc. If subcontracts are to be used, provide anticipated percentage of effort to be subcontracted and whether small or large businesses will be used. Teaming and/or subcontracting arrangements should be clearly delineated and previous experience in teaming must be provided. If this effort is not set-aside for small business, small business utilization will be considered. Large and small businesses should provide a reasonable expectation for small business utilization as a percent of total contract value, as well as supporting rationale for the recommended percentage.
6.In accordance with FAR 15.201(e), responses to this notice are not offers and cannot beaccepted by the Government to form a binding contract. It is the responsibility of the interestedparties to monitor the site for additional information pertaining to this SSS.
7.Responders are solely responsible for all expenses associated with responding to this inquiry.This announcement is not to be construed as a formal solicitation. It does not commit theGovernment to reply to the information received, to later publish a solicitation, or to award acontract based on this information.
8.Companies may be contacted if additional information is needed to fully understand themarketplace and/or comments to the requirements.
9.Responders should also state whether they are interested in being a prime contractor for this
requirement or a subcontractor.
The purpose of this SSS is to gather information on the current state and availability of vendors that are capable of laboratory operations, maintenance, development, test, and evaluation in the area of OBOGS and oxygen systems related technology as well as conducting test and evaluation of aircrew flight equipment and aircraft crew stations to assess the level of anthropometric accommodation for the USAF population as stated in the requirements below and SOO. The feedback received will be used to assess if the requirements are achievable within industry.
Life Support Systems Scientific Test, Analysis, and Qualification Lab Requirements:
1.Perform Aircrew Oxygen System Performance Test and Evaluation
2.Support investigations of human interfaces including, but not limited to, helmet systems,protective equipment and survival gear, and mask and breathing support systems includingcurrent, modified, and new OBOGS and related oxygen systems for military ground, air,and space operations.
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3.Collect, process, and analyze aircraft oxygen system performance data acquired in thelaboratory, field, and from chemical diagnostic equipment.
4.Plan instrumentation, calibration, and execution of experiments using the facilitiesidentified in this section.
5.Analyze collected data, report the results and perform data management duties includinguploading reports into the LCMC designated database.
6.Perform test setup, test operation, data collection, data plotting, data analysis and reportingto conduct prioritized experiments that satisfy program objectives.
7.Acquire and set up special test equipment (STE) and special tooling (ST) to meet testprogram objectives.
Airmen Accommodation Laboratory Requirements:
1.Perform Airmen Accommodation Laboratory Testing and Evaluations.
2.Work as part of an integrated contractor and government teaming arrangement that willaccomplish testing and evaluation efforts supporting any acquisition program to includedeveloping test plans, conducting tests, evaluating crew stations and equipment, performing3D and 1D data collection and analyses, writing test reports and technical reports,developing integrated human performance and mass properties models, software, and/ordatabases.
3.Procure test participants to participate in test and evaluation efforts; and provide materials,equipment, and supplies to operate, modify, maintain, and develop specialized researchfacilities in direct support of acquisition anthropometry as part of the acquisition process, aswell as tool development under this effort.
4.Develop models for aircrew accommodation performance, equipment fit, and relevant usersize and shape. While many of these models are statistical in nature, some shall be portedto digital human modeling systems, or to biomechanical injury risk assessment models, toimprove their accuracy as evaluation tools.
5.Determine the relationship between body size and shape and the fit of various items of AFE.This shall include helmets, equipment mounted on helmets, flight garments, body armor,personal weapons, etc. These evaluations shall judge the quality of fit and function relativeto body size, adequacy of the sizing system, tariffs, and suggest areas for fit improvement.
6.Conduct accommodation evaluations to complete assessments of a variety of aircraftcockpits and operator workstations.
7.Comparison of digital and real world accommodation evaluations shall be conducted anddifferences quantified.
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8.Develop and improve methods for performing anthropometric performance assessments(both in workstation accommodation and for equipment fit), and to characterize userpopulations via statistical matching techniques that use existing 3D databases to improverepresentation. This shall include current measuring techniques as well as development ofnew measurement techniques and specialized testing equipment. The results of this workshall be used as baseline information for the assessment and modeling of a wide variety ofequipment that warfighters either wear or operate.
9.Develop updated multivariate boundary cases based on recent DoD anthropometric surveydata to describe several accommodation levels for new AFE requirements and crew stations.
10.Implement motion capture capability, 3D model generation, animation, vignette and/orcomputerized scenario depiction, synthetic data generation, non-linear video editing, andgraphic design for model verification and warfighter simulations.
11.Airmen Accommodation Laboratory Testing and Evaluations Contractor personnel willrequire base access and access to building 28 in Area B on Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.Contractor will also be required to provide an AAL Laboratory facility off base.
Please document any feedback to each of the requirements. The scope of your comments should include the following:
•Clearly describe your ability to meet each of the requirements listed above and including the attached SOO. Please verify you can meet both requirements and if you cannot, please clearly state which lab that you can support.•A detailed list of any Government Furnished Equipment, Property, or Information that may be needed to complete this effort, as applicable.•A detailed list of any Contractor Furnished Equipment, Property, or Information that may be available to complete this effort, as applicable.•Describe your existing support capabilities including staff, training, knowledge, skills and abilities.
Sources Sought Responses: Please provide your SSS responses to by 5:00pm EST on 29 September 2021. Title e-mail responses in the subject line of the e- mail as follows: “Response to Human Systems Directorate Lab Operational Support Sources Sought Synopsis # WNUK-21-008 ".
1.Responses shall include the following administrative information:
•Company/Institute name
•Point of Contact
•Cage Code
•DUNS Number
•Phone Number
Depending upon the responses received for this amended sources sought solicitation, the USAF will
either award a single contract covering both labs, or will award two separate contracts, one for the AAL
and the other for the LSS STAQ Labs, thus splitting the requirement if necessary.
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•E-mail Address
•Web page URL
•Is your company domestically or foreign owned? If foreign, please indicate the country ofownership.
2.All prospective contractors must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM)database to be awarded a DoD contract. The North American Industry Classification System
(NAICS) code for this requirement, if applicable to the company’s capabilities, should beincluded in the company’s NAICS code listing in the SAM.
3.The NAICS Code for this action is 541380. Based on the NAICS Code, state whether yourcompany qualifies as a:
•Small Business (Yes/No)
•Woman Owned Small Business (Yes/No)
•Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (Yes/No)
•8(a) Certified (Yes/No)
If yes, SBA certification Date:SBA Graduation Date:
•HUB Zone Certified (Yes/No)
•Veteran Owned Small Business (Yes/No)
•Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (Yes/No)
•Statement as to whether your company is domestically or foreign owned (if foreignowned, please indicate country of ownership).
4.Please limit your responses to no more than 10 pages, to include answers to the questionsabove; furthermore, identify a representative to support further Government inquiries andrequests for clarification of the information provided, if needed. Marketing materials aloneare considered an insufficient response to this Sources Sought synopsis.
5.Responders should indicate which portions of their responses are proprietary and markaccordingly. All information received in response to this SSS that is properly marked as“proprietary” will be handled accordingly. Proprietary information must be clearly marked onthe outside container and on the materials inside. The Government shall not be liable for, orsuffer any consequential damages, for any proprietary information not properly identified.
1.Responses to questions from interested parties will be promptly answered and posted on theSAM website, unless some release of proprietary information is involved or the answeraddresses a question specific to a company or that company’s response. Post submittal, one- on-one information sessions with responders are not contemplated; however, they may beoffered to responders to clarify the Government’s understanding of their submittal, thecapability ramifications, or to discuss their business approach. Information feedback sessionsmay be offered to responders after the SSS assessments are completed.
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2.AF Points of Contact (POC) for this SSS:Zachary Goit Contracting Officer
Contracting Office Address:
Building 12
1981 Monahan Way
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433
3.Verbal questions will NOT be accepted. Please submit questions to the POCs above. Allquestions will be answered via posting answers to this SAM website; except as provided above. Additionally, questions must NOT contain trade secrets or classified information. The Government reserves the right to not address questions received after 29 September 2021.