This is a request for market research purposes only.  The information provided in response to this notice will assist the Government in determining the extent of available resources to support catered meals at Fort Pickett, VA on NOV 1-23, 2022.  In addition, the information will assist the government in developing a requirements package which incorporates commercial terms to the extent allowable by law, regulations and local policy.  In the event adequate small business contractors are not available, the requirement may be issued unrestricted without further notice. 

The event being conducted will be in a field environment, and there is a need to provide breakfast and dinner for up to 1200 soldiers during the Nov 1-22, 2022 time frame.  Daily projected numbers are in the list below:

Dates 1-23 November & Projected Soldier counts who will need to be fed for breakfast and dinner:

  1. 266 Soldiers
  2. 647 Soldiers
  3. 909 Soldiers
  4. 1079 Soldiers
  5. 1079 Soldiers
  6. 1079 Soldiers
  7. 1079 Soldiers
  8. 1079 Soldiers
  9. 1135 Soldiers
  10. 1004 Soldiers
  11. 617 Soldiers
  12. 185 Soldiers
  13. no soldiers to be fed
  14. no soldiers to be fed
  15. 369 Soldiers
  16. 369 Soldiers
  17. 369 Soldiers
  18. 369 Soldiers
  19. 369 Soldiers
  20. 165 Soldiers
  21. 165 Soldiers
  22. 165 Soldiers
  23. 165 Soldiers

There will be no government property available, to include a dining facility to serve or store the food.  Contractors will be expected to prepare and package hot meals for government pickup.  Currently, it does not appear contractors will be able to set up a mobile kitchen or other type food preparation/cooking shelter on Fort Pickett; therefore, contractors are required to coordinate with local authorities in Blackstone, VA for a site from which to work, if applicable.

Any solicitation(s) issued or award(s) made by the Virginia National Guard Acquisition Support Office will be federally funded.  The primary type of work will include the preparation of meals, and loading the prepared meals into MERMITE containers under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 722330 Mobile Food Services or 722320 Caterers.  The small business size standard for the 722330 & 722320 NAICS code is $8,000,000 in 3 year average annual receipts/revenue.  See 13 CFR 121.104 for details on how the SBA calculates annual receipts.

No later than October 1, 2021, interested business concerns are to provide the following information via email to Noel Robleto at

(1) Company Name, Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code, Point of Contact name and email address and business size;

(2) A copy of commercial terms and conditions, including any published price list. At a minimum, identify a date or time frame in which an award by the government would need to be secured in order to meet a November 1, 2021 start date, costs included in service contract, cancellation policy, and final count policies for meal requirements.