A market survey is being conducted in order to make acquisition decisions about this future project and to determine if there are a reasonable number of interested small business concerns to set this future project aside for them. If your firm is a Small Business, certified HUBZone, 8(a), Woman-Owned Small Business, or Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and you are interested in this project, please respond appropriately.

Project Title: Child Development Center (CDC) at Wright- Patterson Air Force Base, OH.

The proposed design/build project is to design and construct approximately 43,047 square feet for a new Child Development Center (CDC) in accordance the Air Force Standard Design (Draft FC 4-740-14F).  An adequately sized and configured Child Development Center (CDC) is required to provide day care services for dependent children of active-duty service members, DoD civilians, active-duty reservists, and contractor personnel. The CDC will provide a safe and healthy environment with adequate space for 304 children ranging in age from infants through pre-school age (birth through 5 years old).

The scope of the project includes civil site work, infrastructure, mechanical, electrical, fire alarm, security system, and architectural features relevant to a Child Care Facility.  

MISSION-RELATED CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS:  This project will be designed and constructed to meet the criteria/scope specified in Air Force Handbook 32-1084, “Facility Requirements” and the Draft FC 4-740-14F Air Force Child Development Centers Standard Design. Sustainable principles will be integrated into the design, development, and construction of the project in accordance with Executive Order 13423, 10 USC 2802 c, and other applicable laws and Executive orders.

Contract duration is estimated at 36 months. The estimated cost range is between $15,000,000 and $25,000,000. NAICS code is 236220. All interested Small Businesses, certified HUBZONE, 8A, Woman-Owned Small Businesses, or Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business contractors should respond to this survey by email no later than the due date listed below.  

Responses should include:

1. Identification and verification of the company’s small business status.

2. Contractor’s Unique Entity Identifier(s) (formerly DUNS Number) and CAGE Code(s).

3. Documentation from the firm’s bonding company showing current single and aggregate performance and payment bond limits.

4. Descriptions of Experience – Interested firms must provide descriptions of up to (3) three projects which are similar to this project in size and scope and are greater than 95% complete.  Projects submitted must have been completed by your firm as the prime contractor within the past seven (7) years. Each project must include the name, title, project role, e-mail address, and telephone number of at least two (2) external references (e.g., customer, end user). References may be used to verify project size, scope, dollar value, percentages, and quality of performance. Example projects must be of similar size and scope.    

  1. Projects similar in scope to this project include:

Projects considered similar in scope to this project include the new construction of a Daycare or preschool education facilities.

       2. Projects similar in size to this project include:

Projects similar in size will be a minimum of 35,000 square feet of new construction.

c.   Based on the information above, for each project submitted, include:

    1. Current percentage of construction complete and the date when it was or will be completed.
    2. Scope of the project.
    3. Size of the project (base square footage of facility).
    4. The dollar value of the construction contract and whether it was design/bid/build or design/build.
    5. The portion and percentage of the contract cost, excluding cost of materials that was self-performed as physical, vertical, and horizontal construction by construction trade. Describe the work your company self-performed.
    6. Each project must include the name, title, project role, e-mail address, and telephone number of at least two (2) external references (e.g., customer, end user). References may be used to verify project size, scope, dollar value, percentages, and quality of performance. Example projects must be of similar size and scope.

5. Small Businesses are reminded under FAR 52.219-14, Limitations on Subcontracting; they must perform at least 15% of the cost of the contract, not including the cost of materials, with the firm’s own employees for general construction-type procurement. Include the percentage of work that will be self-performed on this project, and how it will be accomplished.

NOTE: Total submittal package shall be no longer than 8 pages. Please only include a narrative of the requested information; additional information will not be reviewed.

Interested Offerors shall respond to this Sources Sought Synopsis no later than 02 December 2021 by 10:00 AM Eastern time. ALL RESPONSES MUST BE EMAILED to Donavon Waterbury, Contract Specialist, at: Donavon.J.Waterbury@usace.army.mil.  This Sources Sought Synopsis is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government, nor will the Government pay for the information solicited. This is NOT a Request for Proposal. Responses to this sources sought notice will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions. All interested sources must respond to future solicitation announcements separately from responses to this market survey.


All contractors must be registered in the System for Award Management (www.SAM.gov) to do work with the government. An active SAM registration isn't required to submit on this market survey. Those not currently registered can obtain registration by going to the website http://www.SAM.gov and are highly encouraged to begin the registration process. The process can usually be completed from one to two weeks after submission. Contractors will need to obtain a Unique Entity Identifier (formerly DUNS number) for processing their registration. If you do not already have a Unique Entity Identifier, one can be obtained from http://www.SAM.gov. Refer to www.SAM.gov for information formerly found in CCR, EPLS, ORCA and FedReg.

ALERT: You must submit a notarized letter appointing the authorized Entity Administrator before your registration will be activated. This requirement now applies to both new and existing entities. Effective 29 April 2018, the notarized letter process is now mandatory on all CURRENT registrants at SAM who have a requirement to update data on their SAM record. The notarized letter is mandatory and is required before the GSA Federal Service Desk (FSD) will activate the entity's registration. Effective 29 June 2018, vendors creating or updating their registration can have their registration activated prior to the approval of the required notarized letter. However, the signed copy of the notarized letter must be sent to the GSA Federal Service Desk (FSD) within 30 days of activation or the vendor risks no longer being active in SAM.

PLEASE NOTE: SAM is completely free of charge for both registrants and users. An active SAM registration is not required to submit on the market survey. An active SAM registration is required to submit an offer/proposal.