W912PM21B0009 – Sources Sought – TA-00039-19 Human Performance Multipurpose Training Area, Fort Bragg, NC

Mar 19, 2021 | Sources Sought

This is a Sources Sought/Request for Information only. This is NOT a Solicitation Announcement, nor is it aRequest for Proposal or Invitation for Bid. This request does not obligate the Government in any contract award.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District, is conducting research to determine the market capabilities of potential contractors to construct a Human Performance Multipurpose Training Area.  Project consists of:  Installation of a new outdoor artificial turf field training area for the 1st Special Warfare Training Group. Other features include a concrete pad with pre-engineered metal shade structure and site lighting. Bid options include: a new rope climbing structure, an artificial turf pull-up/sit-up area, a concrete foundation system for future SORINEX equipment and a yard hydrant. The project size will be 0.95 acres or about 41,500 SF.

The magnitude of construction for this project will be between $500,000.00 and $1,000,000.00.

All interested firms with 236220 as an approved NAICS code have until 7 April 2021 at 2:00 p.m. to submit the following information:

– Name & Address of your Firm

– Point of Contact (Name/Phone/E-mail)

– Current SAM

– Business Size, to include designation as HUBZone, 8(a), Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Business, Woman-Owned Business, and Large Business. Any supporting documentation that confirms your socio-economic status should be provided, e.g., letter of certification from VA confirming SDVOSB status. The Government must be able to verify SBA certification of HubZone and 8(a) via SAM.

 – Bonding capability – Firms shall provide evidence of bonding capability for both single and aggregate bonding programs by means of a letter from a Surety Company.  This correspondence should explicitly state the firms authorized bonding program in addition to documenting the firm’s capacity on current contracts and/or task orders. Submittals including what a Surety can provide does not meet the requirement of what a firm can receive as a bonding instrument.   

– Evidence of past experience to include renovation or construction of requirements similar in size scope and complexity not more than six (6) years old:

1) Three (3) similar projects equal to or greater than $600,000.00 in value.

2) Three (3) similar projects equal to or greater than 0.95 acres or 41,500 SF in size.

*Note: The projects listed in 1 and 2 may or may not be the same project.

All project examples submitted must be as the prime contractor, Joint Venture or Mentor Protégé. Include the project name and description of the key/salient features of the project (i.e., square footage, multi-story, phased renovation, etc.), completion date, total contract construction value, whether it was Design-Build, Construction only, Renovation or Rehabilitation, etc. Additionally, if you were teaming with another firm, clearly identify your role on the project(s) submitted. Please provide at least one point of contact (with e-mail address and phone number) for project validation. The Government will not give credit to projects if the lack of information hinders the ability to determine relevancy and/or level or experience.

 Information on Teaming Arrangement (if applicable). Although we are not looking for formal signed agreements at this time, if you intend to "team" with another firm, formally or informally, you must submit information, not more than one (1) page, about your team's involvement. More specifically, you must submit sufficient information for the Government to determine the roles each team member will play and what your socio-economic status is or will be considering the proposed arrangement. Therefore, included in your one (1) page if you are a Small Business and you intend to mentor/protégé and/or JV with a large business both team members must sign agreeing that 40% of the labor will be performed by the protégé firm. Additionally, if the team is a mentor/protégé arrangement, identify the areas that will be mentored. If the offeror is a Joint Venture (J-V), relevant project experience should be submitted for projects completed by the Joint Venture entity, or the individual firms that make up the joint venture. Offerors that are part of the DoD Mentor Protégé program may submit two (2) recent and relevant projects completed by the Mentor with the remaining project being submitted on behalf of the protégé. Any supporting documentation that confirms your socio-economic status as a team should be provided.

The Government may not give credit to your socio-economic class if there is not sufficient documentation to support it or if the Government cannot verify through other means that your business is as such.

 The requested information shall be submitted electronically to:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Attn: Michael Mullen

E-mail: michael.m.mullen@usace.army.mil


Robert Law

E-mail: robert.n.law@usace.army.mil



The email should be entitled: TA-00039-19, Human Performance Multipurpose Training Area, Fort Bragg, NC Sources Sought

Do not send hard copies of advertising or promotional materials. Please ensure that all responses are comprehensive and provide a name and point-of-contact for your firm for follow-up by this office or the procuring contracting officer. If you have responded to any previous e-mail messages or had other communications with our office regarding preliminary market research for this project, please be advised that it will be necessary for you to respond to this e-mail and the questions contained therein. Any responses involving teaming agreements should delineate between the work that will be accomplished by the Prime Contractor and work accomplished by the teaming partner

All information is to be provided on a voluntary basis at no charge to the Government. There is no entitlement to payment of direct or indirect costs related to or arising out of responding to this request for information. All information provided becomes property of the Government. There is no guarantee, expressed or implied, that the market research for this acquisition will result in any guarantee of award or acquisition strategy. 

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