The work to be done under these specifications consists of furnishing and delivering Owner's Guarantee (Insurance) Policies or Certificates of Title and Continuations thereof in the form of preliminary, interim, or final policies, certificates of title, interim binders, or endorsements, as appropriate, and Closing Services as set forth on the Schedule/Performance Work Statement (PWS) to which these specifications are attached. Except where certificates are clearly referred to separately, all references hereinafter to "Policies" and "Continuations" shall apply to the forms of title evidence specified by said PWS. The preference for insuring documents is Policies and Preliminary Policies/Commitments (or Certificates only where this is the prevailing local practice). The Government will not accept delivery of certificates except where the Contractor's title insurance company does not issue policies for any lands located in the state wherein the property to be insured lies. Title services will be required in the following states: Missouri and Illinois