The Government is seeking sources for Market Research ONLY to support the services listed below for which the applicable NAICS code is 237990, Dredging Services. The Federal Supply Code (FSC) will be Z1KF. The Standard Industrial Code (SIC) used is Z299. The size standard for small business is $30,000,000.00.  Interested parties sought for a maintenance dredging of the projects described in Table 1 below.  The projects will be solicited as an Invitation For Bids (IFB) contract.  Interested parties will be invited to attend a Pre-Solicitation conference to receive the latest project related information as well as information on available permitted upland disposal sites and Government–furnished disposal sites.


Potential offerors having the skills and capabilities necessary to perform the described services below are invited to provide feedback via email to:

All responses will be analyzed in order to determine the appropriate strategy for a potential future acquisition. Particularly, the purpose of this NOTICE is to gain knowledge of potential small business sources including certified HUBZone small business, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned small business, Veteran-Owned small business, Certified 8(a) small business, Women-Owned small business, etc. Other than Small Business may respond to this notice in the event the market does not indicate significant Small Business interest.


The work includes maintenance dredging of the federal navigation channel projects listed in Table 1.  The required project depths that are authorized for each project are provided in the Table but these depths do not dictate the Scope of the dredging during solicitation.  For some of the projects listed, required project depths with 1- ft paid over-depth and 1-ft unpaid over-depth will be specified during solicitation.  Please also refer to Table 1 for disposal site, dredge windows, and other project information.  Upland disposal for San Joaquin and Sacrament deep water ship channel (DWSC) is at various Government-furnished sites located along the channel banks and the material shall be pumped to the sites based on various pumping distances and depth.  All proposed Contractor furnished upland beneficial use sites must be fully permitted.  Acceptance will be based on achieving project depth in 100 percent of the project footprint within the contract period of performance.

Anticipated solicitation issuance dates are shown in Table 1.  The official synopsis citing the solicitation number will be issued on Business Opportunities ( and will invite firms to register electronically to receive a copy of the solicitation when it is issued.


Interested parties must have qualified personnel with recent knowledge and experiences as well as:

  1. The capability to dredge using appropriately sized dredge plant and support equipment in order to complete all work within the contract period of performance, which will be identified in the contract.  Hopper dredging is prohibited for these projects. Interested parties must have the capability and equipment necessary for dredging and disposal of material at the various upland disposal sites located adjacent to the projects. Interested parties must also have the capability and equipment necessary for dredging and disposal of material at the Government-furnished deep ocean disposal site.  Interested parties are required to submit proof of ownership, or access to a minimum 16-inch diameter and 1,800 horsepower (of main pump engine) cutterhead dredge plant for Sacramento and San Joaquin/Stockton DWSC project and mechanical dredge plant list for all the rest of the projects, as part of the response to this Market Research. All proposed equipment must be identified including the current location of the dredge plant as part of the response to this Market Research.
  2. Executing the overall contract work within the environmental work window shown in Table 1.  Project bid proposals for all the projects based on disposal of dredged material at the various permitted Government-furnished upland, in-bay, and ocean disposal sites provided the contract work can be completed within the specified period of performance.
  3. Offeror’s type of small business and Business Size (Small Business, Certified 8a, Certified HUB Zone, and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), etc.). 
  4. The capability to perform a contract of this magnitude and complexity based on the scope of work (include the firm's capability to execute dredging and comparable work performed within the past five (5) years).  Provide at least three (3) examples with a maximum of three (3) pages with the following information:
    • A brief description of the project(s),
    • Customer name,
    • Timeliness of performance,
    • Customer satisfaction,
    • List of equipment used, and
    • Dollar value of the project.
  5. The Government contemplates using Contractor-furnished fish screens or other monitoring methods, in lieu of Government-furnished property for the Sacramento and San Joaquin/Stockton DWSC projects. Please provide a response as to whether you can already meet this requirement, or the time needed to meet this requirement if awarded a contract.
  6. The Government contemplates utilizing silt curtains between the dredge areas and eelgrass beds for projects that have eelgrass within 250 meters of the federal channel in lieu of eelgrass light monitoring. Does your company use silt curtains and if so, what are typical cost ranges associated with them?
  7. The Government contemplates paid overdepth of 1.5ft vs 1ft. Does this allow for faster project completion, and if so, please provide details on the estimated time savings?
  8. List of projects (Table 1) your company intends to bid.


Respondents will not be notified of the results of the evaluation.  Firms responding to this sources sought announcement, who fail to provide ALL of the required information requested, will not be used to help the Government make the acquisition decision, which is the intent of this sources sought announcement.

Your response is limited to 10 single-sided pages total – using 10pt font.  Please label your email response as follows: Subject: Response to W912P7-22-S-0005:  Sources Sought market research for “Maintenance Dredging.”

All interested contractors or potential offerors having the skills and capabilities necessary to perform the described services above should notify this office in writing by email or mail by 3:00 PM Pacific Time on 9 December, 2021.  Submit response and information to: