W912P520R0011 – Sources Sought – Center Hill/Wolf Creek Tainter Gates Fabrication

Sep 10, 2020 | Sources Sought

Responses are requested by 18 September 2020, but any responses after that date are appreciated. Please send all responses to Samantha (Dani) Harrison at samantha.d.harrison@usace.army.mil

Questions for Fabrication of Tainter Gates and Delivery to WOL and CEN

General Scope:  The Nashville District Corps of Engineers is looking to fabricate 10 tainter gates at Wolf Creek Dam (WOL) and 8 tainter gates at Center Hill Dam (CEN).  WOL is located at 50 Kendall Rd, Jamestown, KY 42629 and CEN is located at 158 Resource Lane, Lancaster Rd, Lancaster, TN 38569.  The gates at both sites are identical and are approximately 150,000 lbs and 50×30.

Assumptions:  Assuming an award in Sept 2021, and a project funding stream of approximately of $6M to $7M per year with a complete design at time of award.  We are considering a base contract for the required delivery of 4 gates with options for the remaining 14 gates.  Additional funding to award options for subsequent gates is expected every other year after the initial award until completion of all 18 gates. 

  1. How long to fabricate 4 gates from award – What is the period of performance to fabricate and deliver 4 gates and how long till the delivery of 1st gate and each subsequent gate?
  2. How long to fabricate additional gates through a total of 18 gates?
  3. If we award a base and options contract and we have a lapse in funding, how much longer to retool and start fabricating a new gate due to the lapse in funding?
  4. If we have a contract with base and options to fabricate additional gates that extend out 10 years into the future, would you bid this without an economic price adjustment clause?  If not, how far out in years would you be willing to bid future options?
  5. Do you have onsite storage capabilities?  Will you have to move out portions of the new gates as soon as fabrication is complete?
  6. Do you have the capability to assemble gate pieces at a specified delivery site?
  7. What size of components (max size and weight) could be transported via HWY to delivery sites?
  8. What would be the cost per pound for a fabricated and delivered gate of 150,000 lbs?
  9. What would prevent you from bidding on the assumed scenario?

Please provide any other feedback or considerations.

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