W912EF20RSS47 – Sources Sought – Little Goose Dam Powerhouse and Elevator Roof Replacement

Sep 9, 2020 | Sources Sought

The US Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District is seeking interested business sources for a construction project entitled: Little Goose Powerhouse and Elevator Roof Replacement.  The work is located at Little Goose Dam in southeastern Washington State along the Lower Snake River near Starbuck, Washington.  This will be a firm-fixed-price construction contract.  The magnitude of construction for this project is between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000.  100 percent performance and payment bonds will be required.  The expected period of performance will be approximately 240 days in duration for the removal and installation of roofing over the powerhouse and elevator penthouse at Little Goose Dam.  The government expects to award a contract in January 2021, with an approximate on-site installation work window of May 2021 through September 2021.  The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this project is 238160 Roofing Contractors and the associated small business size standard is $16.5 million. 

This sources sought notice is a tool to identify businesses with the capability to accomplish the work.  This is not a solicitation. 

Responses to this sources sought notice should include the following information: 

1.  A list of at least three (3), no more than five (5), project examples that were completed in the last 10 years which demonstrate experience in removing and installation roofing material as listed in the Summary Scope of Work.

a)  For each project submitted, provide a brief narrative statement of the work involved, how it relates to the described herein and your firm’s role in the project, the dollar value, and the completion date.

b)  Include a statement detailing any special qualifications and certifications, applicable to the scope of this project, held by your firm and/or in-house personnel.

2.  A reference list for each of the projects submitted in A) above.  Include the name, title, phone number, and email address for each reference.

3.  Provide a statement of your firm’s business size status (HUBZone, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, 8(a), small disadvantaged, or woman-owned) with regards to the NAICS code listed above. 

4.  Provide a statement that your firm intends to submit an offer on the project when it is advertised.

5.  Provide a statement of your firm’s bonding capacity.  A statement from your surety is NOT required.

6.  Cage Code and DUNS number.

This sources sought notice is for market research and planning purposes only and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government to pay for information submitted in response to this request. Respondents will not be notified of the results of the market analysis and debriefings will not be available. It is the reader’s responsibility to monitor the Government Point of Entry (GPE) via beta.sam.gov Contract Opportunities for any resultant or future solicitation package(s) that may be issued.

Submit this information to David Boone, Contract Specialist, via email to david.c.boone@usace.army.mil.  Your response to this notice must be received on or before 3:00 pm on 30 September 2020.

Summary of Scope of Work:

Little Goose Dam

Little Goose Lock and Dam is located on the Lower Snake River.  The powerhouse roof has a shallow gabled configuration consisting of a centrally located ridge parallel with the long axis of the powerhouse and a built-in structural slope of ¼-inch per foot from each side of the ridge to the parapet walls.  The roof structure consists of steel wide flange girders spanning the short dimension of the powerhouse and supported on concrete corbels cast integrally with the upstream and downstream concrete walls of the powerhouse. Steel wide flange beams span between the roof girders and 3 inch deep steel decking spans over the beams at a right angle to complete the roof structure.  The present powerhouse roof was installed in 1991 as a replacement for an existing built-up asphalt roofing system.  The roof has 7 bays consisting of the erection bay and six generator bays.  Powerhouse bays are separated by elevated roof contraction joints located directly over the concrete monolith joints of the powerhouse.  Each bay has 4 roof drains.

The roof of the elevator penthouse consists of a poured in place concrete deck. The deck is cast flat, thus, slope is created in the roofing system by means of tapered insulation.  The present roof was installed in 1993 as a replacement for an existing asphalt BUR system.

The scope of the work is to provide a durable waterproofing system for the Little Goose powerhouse and ancillary elevator penthouse roofs. This will be achieved by removing the existing roofing system in its entirety down to the structural roof decks, followed by the installation of a new roofing assembly to include gypsum roof sheathing, a vapor retarder, polyisocyanurate foam roof insulation, a top layer of gypsum roof sheathing. The powerhouse roof will be waterproofed with a 90-mil thick ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) single-ply roofing membrane and, because of large amount of roof-mounted equipment, the elevator penthouse will be waterproofed with a fluid-applied PMMA roofing membrane. Additionally, fall protection guardrails will be installed to the parapet walls of the powerhouse and elevator penthouse roofs to ensure a safe work environment for maintenance personnel conducting preventative maintenance activities on the roofs.

Both roof locations will require improvement to fall protection by installing new steel guardrails to the powerhouse and elevator penthouse parapets.

All on-site work shall be performed in accordance with the Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements Manual (EM 385-1-1).

Establish and manage an effective on-site Safety and Health program in accordance with EM 385-1-1 that will require the development and submission of a comprehensive project specific Accident Prevention Plan for Government acceptance. In addition, develop and submit for Government acceptance Activity Hazard Analyses for each phase of work and a project specific Fall Protection Plan that comply with EM 385-1-1.

A Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) employed by the prime contractor is required for each shift of the contractor’s on-site operations. The SSHO shall possess a minimum of 5-years’ experience in construction safety on similar projects, shall have completed the 30-Hour OSHA Construction Safety training within the last 5 years, and shall have completed at least 24 hours of safety training from accredited safety training sources each year for the past 5 years.

Establish and manage an effective Contractor Quality Control (CQC) System that will require the development and submission of a comprehensive project specific CQC Plan for Government acceptance. A CQC System Manager employed by the prime contractor is required to be on-site for each shift of the Contractor’s operations. The CQC System Manager must possess a minimum of 5 years relevant experience in a supervisory or management position such as Quality Control Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, or Construction Manager directly involved in the management of construction quality at the project site. In addition, the CQC System Manager shall have completed the course entitled “Construction Quality Management for Contractors” within the last 5 years.

Use the Government-furnished Resident Management System (RMS) – Contractor Mode to record, maintain, and submit various information throughout the contract period. RMS is a Windows-based program capable of operating on a stand-alone personal computer or on a network. The Government will make the QCS software available to the Contractor at time of notice to proceed.

The project involves the development and management of Contractor furnished submittals for items such as pre-construction plans, product data, test reports, and contract close-out documentation as required by the technical specifications of the contract.

Miscellaneous work within the project includes the delivery of As-Built Drawings, O&M Manuals, Contractor- Prepared Shop Drawings, and spare parts to the customer.

Contracting Office Address: Attn: CECT-NWW / 201 North 3rd Avenue / Walla Walla, Washington 99362-1876

Place of Performance: USACE – Little Goose Dam, Starbuck, Washington

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