W912DS20S0032 – Sources Sought – General Instructional Building ABUP Swing Space Project (FY21 UMMCA PN 94363) at West Point, NY

Sep 2, 2020 | Sources Sought

The New York District plans to solicit and award a construction project for General Instructional Building ABUP Swing Space Project (FY21 UMMCA PN 94363) in FY21

  1. This notification serves three (3) purposes
    1. To notify potential bidders of the Government’s intent to solicit brand name only components for this project.
    2. To identify potential sources that can provide an equivalent to the brand name only items
    3. Notification of the Army’s intent to solicit brand name components as described below
  2. The items described below, under summary of requirements, are embedded in the construction project. The contract will be issued as a competitive solicitation. Only the components described below will be sole source, if no other sources are identified that can provide an equivalent system. In the event no equivalent sources are found, the brand name only justification will be issued pursuant to FAR Part 6.302-1, Only One Responsible Source. A subsequent market survey will not be published in support of a Justification and Approval for sole sourcing. Supplies of the brand name component will be provided directly to the Contractor(s) and not to the Government.
  3. Summary of Requirements:

    1. Sprung Instant Structure by Sprung Instant Structures Inc.

      -Building aesthetic: the building form consists of pointed arch (sometimes referred to as an ogival arch or an arc brisé), an arch with a pointed crown, whose two curving sides meet at a relatively sharp angle at the top of the arch. The pointed arch form is sympathetic and well-integrated with the existing gothic revival architecture at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.
      -The manufacturer has industry experience (NAICS Code 236220 – Commercial and Institutional Building Construction) providing administrative or office building(s) with ten or more years building life expectancy, in the Downstate Region of New York State or any similar seismic and climate zone within the United States of America.
      -The building includes a post-tensioning system to significantly reduce noise and motion from winds acting on the membrane/fabric shell.
      -The building includes assemblies or details to allow the building to abut/adjoin to adjacent building materials such as masonry, metal, glass, curtain wall, storefront with a watertight joint.
      -The building includes integrated skylight or natural light transitivity through the roof.
      -Climate Control: The building shell includes built-in thermal resistance: R-30 and air permeability of less than 10 m3 /(h.m2) at 50Pa.
      -Constructability: There is no requirement for the construction labor forces to be affiliated with the manufacturer.
      -Warranty: 50 years warranty against manufacturer’s defects for corrosion resistant frame and 25 years warranty against manufacturer’s defects for membrane shell.
      -Suspended loads: The building frame is capable of carrying a uniform load of 2 psf.
      – Construction type: The building is Type II B Construction in accordance with International Building Code.
      -Re-usable: The building can be disassembled and rebuilt after fifteen or more years of use.
      -The manufacturer offers customizable colors for the membrane shell.
      -The building includes clear column-free span for full interior length and width of the building.
      -Manufacturer provides engineering drawings and calculations, signed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer registered in a U.S. state.
      -Manufacturer provides technical field oversight for quality assurance during construction.
      -The building architectural membrane meets or exceeds the following durability performance test results: Tongue Tear 140/130 lbf Method ASTM D751, Trapezoid Tear 80/65 lbf Method ASTM D4533, Grab Tensile 400/350 lbf Method ASTM D751, Strip Tensile 300/240 lbf/in Method ASTM D751 Procedure B, Hydrostatic Resistance 500 psi Method ASTM D751 Procedure A, Dead Load 1 – 1/2” seam
      Room Temperature 120 lbf 160°F / 71°C ASTM D751 60 lbf
      -The building architectural membrane meets or exceeds the following test result: California State Fire Marshal Flame Spread Index <25.
      – The building architectural membrane meets or exceeds the following test result: National Fire Protection Association – 701 Smoke Development Rating <450.

  4. The magnitude of this brand name component in terms of estimated price range is between $500,000 and $1,000,000.
  5. Any vendor that wishes to provide an alternate source to the brand name above that is compatible with the above must provide a response with data supporting the claim within 15 business days of this announcement to New York District Corps of Engineers, Contracting Division.
  6. This is a market survey and notification of intent only. This is not a request to respond to a solicitation. This requirement will be solicited at a future date.

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