This is a Request for Information (RFI) only. This is not a Request for Quotation, Request for Proposal (RFP) or an Invitation for Bid. It is a market research tool being used to determine the availability and adequacy of potential sources for planning purposes only. Responses to this notice will not be considered as offers and will not be accepted to form a binding contract. The costs of preparing and submitting responses to this RFI will not be reimbursed by the Government.

The Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense and Joint Project Manager for CBRN Protection are seeking to obtain better knowledge and understanding of industry capabilities regarding a Tactical Contamination Mitigation System (TCMS). The TCMS will provide a contamination mitigation capability for hardened, sensitive and/or critical equipment in hostile and non-hostile environments that have been exposed to Chemical and/or Biological (CB) contamination. The Joint force requires a light weight, low–burden, highly effective mitigation system that will limit the spread and greatly reduce effects of CB contamination to allow warfighters to continue their mission for an extended period of time without respiratory or ocular protection in a high threat, contaminated area, or near contaminated equipment.

The TCMS will be employed as “far forward as possible” to execute decontamination as “soon as possible” during immediate/operational decontamination to quickly reduce and limit the spread of CB contamination by minimizing contact and transfer hazards from critical equipment (e.g., avionics and/or electrical, electronic, and environmental systems), aircraft and vehicle interiors, associated cargo, and weapon systems. The TCMS will reduce or eliminate the need for follow-on decontamination, enable forces to return to pre-incident operational capability, and prevent exposure of personnel to hazardous substances enabling them to continue assigned missions. TCMS will also have the following characteristics/parameters:

– TCMS shall have the ability to decrease CB contamination ≥ 1 log from agent starting challenge.

– TCMS will be man-portable (i.e. maximum weight of 31 pounds) to facilitate rapid employment.

– TCMS shall be compatible with recently fielded contamination mitigation technologies (e.g. Joint Service Equipment Wipe M334, Joint General Purpose Decontaminant for Hardened Military Equipment M333, Contamination Indicator Decontamination Assurance System M339 and M342)

– TCMS shall be mixed and fully operational (if required) by no more than 2 operators in ≤ 10 Minutes.

– TCMS will be compatible with current fielded battery power sources or will not require power.

– TCMS will not cause material degradation other than that which is allowable in weapons and service platforms' specifications to complete primary mission functions.

– TCMS will not degrade Individual Protective Equipment, below minimum required protection performance, in less than 12 hours.

– TCMS shall not produce any uncontrollable hazards during decontamination operations.

Responses should include a comprehensive list of all equipment, decontaminants, technology and instructions necessary to effectively conduct equipment decontamination for CB hazards.

Responses should include the following:

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Product name
  3. Estimated unit cost for a complete system

Specific information requested on each of the products or technologies includes:

  • Description of decontamination technology and method, including estimated technology readiness level and/or manufacturing readiness levels
  • Total decontamination method cycle/dwell time(s) (i.e. How long does the decontaminant need to stay on the surface to achieve stated efficacy levels?)
  • Total decontamination throughput in 24 hours (volume estimates are acceptable)
  • Efficacy data on the decontamination (removal or neutralization) of chemical hazards, biological hazards, and/or simulants; include test methodology used (i.e. kinetics testing, coupon testing, simulant, agent, etc.)
  • Area of coverage
  • Shelf life
  • Pot Life
  • Safety Data Sheets (if applicable)
  • Description of system/technology scalability if applicable
  • Storage/shipping configuration
  • Total weight and cubic size of proposed item’s shipping configuration(s)
  • Dimensions of system in operational configuration
  • Shipping or transportation restrictions or limitations
  • Equipment list and user manual/instructions
  • Any specialized tools required to operate or set-up system
  • Description of power requirements
  • Description of required consumables, if applicable (e.g.. water, fuel)
  • Manpower required to operate, set up and breakdown system and all associated procedures (to include number of personnel and equipment)
  • Operating temperatures and/or environmental restrictions
  • Estimated manufacturer production capability, include maximum and minimum production rates by month
  • Identify if the system is considered Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS), or currently being used by commercial industry and/or Government, provide names and/or examples of users
  • Any data rights assertions/anticipated assertions
  • Any factors that will significantly impact costs
  • If there are any known significant lead times for systems/materials

It is requested that vendors having systems or technologies believed to be suitable as described herein, submit electronic copies of their responses detailing how technology meets the specifications listed above. There is a ten-page limit on submissions with the exception of support documentation to include product data sheets, related brochures, descriptions, price lists, technical/operator manual(s), test reports, associated Safety Data Sheets, or other documentation as deemed appropriate. Any documentation provided to support product claims should be referenced by title and page number in submission.

This Sources Sought Announcement is issued solely for information and planning purposes and to identify interested sources. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION. No contract will be awarded from this announcement. This Sources Sought Announcement does not constitute a RFP or a promise to issue a RFP in the future. It is subject to change and is not binding on the Government. Further, unsolicited proposals will not be accepted. Funding is not available at this time. The United States Army has not made a commitment to procure any of the items/services discussed, and the release of this Sources Sought Announcement should not be construed as a commitment or as an authorization to incur cost for which reimbursement would be required or sought. Response to this Sources Sought Announcement is voluntary and no reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information in reply to this and any follow-on information requests. All submissions become Government property and will not be returned.

Not responding to this Sources Sought Announcement does not preclude participation in any future RFP if any is issued. If a solicitation is released, it will be synopsized in the beta SAM ( website. It is the responsibility of the potential responders to monitor this site for additional information pertaining to this subject.

Interested parties may identify their interest and capability by sending responses regarding this requirement to CCDC Soldier Center via e-mail ONLY to and no later than December 18th, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. EST. For responses over 30 MB size, please email for a DOD SAFE drop-off link that will accommodate larger file sizes. The U.S. Government will not pay for any information or administrative cost incurred in response to this RFI. All costs associated with responding to this RFI will be solely at the expense of the interested party.

Please provide business size (indicate your socioeconomic status), applicable NAICS code, and CAGE code. If you hold a GSA Federal Supply Schedule contract, please identify your contract number.

Any questions for clarification may be emailed to and no later than December 10th, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. EST. Verbal questions will NOT be accepted. Questions shall NOT contain proprietary or classified information. An unattributed list of questions and answers will be published at the same web location of this Sources Sought Announcement.