PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI), Project Manager for Soldier Training Devices (PM ST), Product Manager for Live Training Systems (PdM LTS), Digital Range Training System (DRTS) has a validated requirement to install an additional DAGIR at Fort Knox, KY. A DAGIR is the largest and most complex live fire range that the Army utilizes at its Homestation.

The DAGIR supports all Aviation gunnery tables to include diving fire and door gunnery. It supports platoon level collective training for all gunnery tables for Abrams, Bradley, (and all dismounted infantry), and aviation. DAGIR supports individual and crew qualification training. It uses thermal targets, night illumination devices, hostile-fire, target-kill, and visual flash. Its approximate footprint threshold is 4Km x 6Km.

The range’s primary features included in this effort are:

  • IT equipment utilizing the DRTS Live Training Transformation (LT2) software.
  • After Action Review (AAR) System.
  • Long Range Thermal Field Cameras (FCs).
  • Vehicle and Dismounted (DMT) Player Units (PUs).
  • Radio Communication System.
    Other features that are being provided to the range include:
  • Stationary Armor Targets (SATs), Moving Armor Targets (MATs), Stationary Infantry Targets (SITs), and Moving Infantry Targets (MITs).
  • Air/Ground Integration Village.
  • Aerial Weapons Scoring System (AWSS).

MARKET RESEARCH: This Request for Information (RFI) is a follow-on to the Sources Sought Notices (SSN) issued on May 28, 2020 (Notice ID: W900KK-20-R-_TBD) and November 30, 2020 (Notice ID: W900KK-21-R-DRTS).

The Government is requesting feedback regarding the draft Statement of Work (SOW), draft Performance Specifications, and draft Contract Data Requirement Lists (CDRLs). Industry comments on the draft documents provides valuable feedback in the refinement of these documents. The Government will not answer questions about this requirement at this time. Feedback must be provided utilizing the attached template.

In addition, Contractors may submit a capabilities statement. Contractors that already submitted a capabilities statement in response to either SSN are not required to submit a new one. The capabilities statement is limited up to 11 pages, including the cover sheet. Contractor must include the following in the capabilities statement:

  1. Company name, address, URL, DUNS number, CAGE code, Point of Contact (POC) with contact information;
  2. A statement indicating if your company/firm is a large or small business; if small business, please indicate any applicable socio-economic status (i.e., 8a, HUBZone, SDB, VOSB, SDVOSB, WOSB, or EDWOSB) under NAICS 333318; and
  3. Address, with sufficient detail, the following:
    1. Description of your system/subsystems detailing how the offered products meet the above requirements.
    2. Is your company capable of providing:
      1. All of the requirements listed above or
      2. A subset of the requirements (i.e. IT equipment, FCs, PUs/RCS, etc.) in the required timeframe (described in Acquisition Approach section above)? Does your company’s proposed solution, to any of the requirements, require any component design/development, or is all hardware Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS)/Non-Development Items? If any component design/development is required, will you be able to mature your design, conduct design reviews, provide environmental/EMI/developmental testing, and build the necessary quantities in the timeframe needed? 
    3. A schedule depicting your timeline for design, testing and production, taking into account procurement of long lead items for the system as a whole and for the PUs specifically. Assume that BOD is scheduled for 1 Oct 2022 and your work on the range begins on that date.
    4. If your company is capable of providing PUs, would they be interchangeable with existing PUs at other DRTS ranges, or would you provide a unique solution? Would your PUs be able to meet all of the requirements detailed in the specification or would your company take exception to some of them? If so, which ones?

All responses (feedback and/or capabilities statements) shall be sent to the following points of contact via email at,, and

The deadline to respond is 2:00pm (EST) on November 15, 2021.

Information and materials submitted in response to this RFI WILL NOT be returned. In addition, all information/materials received in response to this notice that is marked or designated as corporate or proprietary, will be fully protected from any release outside the Government. DO NOT SUBMIT CLASSIFIED MATERIAL.

DISCLAIMER:  This notice is for Market Research purposes only and is being used as an instrument to identify potential sources capable of meeting the requirements described within this notice. This notice does not constitute an invitation for bids or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products. The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this notice or reimburse the costs incurred by potential offerors in providing the information requested herein. The Government will use the information received to determine its acquisition strategy.

NOTE:  If you are a small business interested in being the prime contractor for this effort, please be advised that the FAR clause 52.219-14, Limitations on Subcontracting, has changed.  Deviation 2019-O0003 is now in effect which adds the definition of “Similarly Situated Entity” and changes the 50% calculation for compliance with the clause. Small business primes may now count “first tier subcontracted” work performed by similarly situated entities as if it were performed by the prime itself. Please read the full text of the clause deviation 52.219-14 Class Deviation 2019-O0003, dated 03 DEC 2018 at To assist in our market research and determination of any applicable small business set-aside for this effort, if you are a small business interested in priming this effort and plan to utilize a “Similarly Situated Entity” to meet the Limitation on Subcontracting, please identify the name and CAGE Code of the specific firm(s) you intend to partner/subcontract with to meet the requirements as well as their SB size status under the NAICS that you as the prime would assign for their workshare. Information regarding any planned similarly situated entity should be included in answering any questions outlined in the SSN in order to assist the Government's capability determination.


Contracts POC: Mr. Ricardo Santos-Concepcion,

Contracts POC: Ms. Patricia Ward,

Technical POC: Ms. Carol Spicer,