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Oct 30, 2020 | Sources Sought

The objective of this requirement is to maintain the capabilities of the Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor recreation programs and to facilitate issuance and management of Sikes Act (16 U.S.C.670 et seq.) permits issued to individuals for access to installations for the purpose of hunting, fishing, trapping, firewood, and other dispersed outdoor activities. Major capabilities required for automated Sikes Act Permit Sales and Recreation Management Services (SAPRMS) include: customized web based content management interface (CMI); online permit sales with Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG),  Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division (to include Adelphi Laboratory Center and Blossom Point Research Facility) verification for eligibility prior to full access; safety briefings (with no back door work around); online check-in/out; integration of payment acceptance service for permits; integrated permit lottery services; online help documentation and training videos; training on all services; ongoing maintenance support for newly integrated capabilities; Survey question function at the end of any activity with customizable text input by Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) Directorate of Public Works, Environmental Division DPW ED. Ability to turn survey function on and off as desired by APG DPW ED.  Separate sales for firewood cutting permits. Access with varying levels of permissions will be provided such as iAdmin, ibiologist, isupportlead, isupport, and ilaw. The ability to change, at least annually, the Sikes Act and firewood fees.

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