W56HZV-21-R-0107 – Sources Sought – SOURCES SOUGHT: ENGINE ASSEMBLY (NSN 2815-01-505-3655)

Mar 20, 2021 | Sources Sought


THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION AT THIS TIME.  This is a Sources Sought notice to request information for Government planning purposes only. The Army Contracting Command – Detroit Arsenal (ACC-DTA) is seeking to gain knowledge of interest, capabilities, and qualifications of various members of the community, to include both small and large businesses. Responses to this survey will assist ACC-DTA in planning its acquisition strategy for a potential future acquisition. The Government is not committed to issue a solicitation, or award a contract as a result of this announcement.

This Request for Information (RFI) is for manufacturing of the following item:

ITEM:                     ENGINE ASSEMBLY

NSN:                      2815-01-505-3655

PART #:                  5-45-8446

DESCRIPTION:       A modified Kohler diesel engine assembly used on the M12A1 Diesel Engine Driven (DED) Decon.

*** PLEASE NOTE: The Technical Data Package (TDP) is not available as it is owned by the manufacturer.***


1. Please number each response with the appropriate question number. Note: You do not have to repeat the question in your response.

2. If you cannot answer a question, please indicate "No Response", or “NR”.

3. If a response will satisfy another question, please state: "See response to question # XXX."

4. Please spell out all acronyms in their first occurrence.

5. You may include relevant sales media and product manuals as attachments to your response. If preferred, you may include weblinks to locations where animations / videos may be viewed.

6. If your sales media and/or manuals contain a restricted distribution statement, please issue a release statement indicating the restricted material may be distributed to Army personnel involved with this survey.

7. Please clearly mark all proprietary information. If applicable, the front page of your response package should state: "Proprietary Information Contained". In addition, please provide a release statement indicating the proprietary information may be distributed to Army personnel involved with this survey.


ITEM:                     ENGINE ASSEMBLY

NSN:                      2815-01-505-3655

PART #:                  5-45-8446

DESCRIPTION:       A modified Kohler diesel engine assembly used on the M12A1 Diesel Engine Driven (DED) Decon.

SUPPLIER INFORMATION                                                 

Please provide the information below as it relates to your firm:

Company Name:

Mailing Address: 

CAGE Code:


Point of Contact / Title:



Business type for NAICS 333618 – Other Engine Equipment Manufacturing: (Check all that apply)

[   ] 8(a)                                                [   ] Small Disadvantaged

[   ] HUBZone                                        [   ] Women-owned

[   ] Large Business                                [   ] None of the above. Please explain:

[   ] Service-disabled Veteran-owned          _______________________________

[   ] Small Business                               



Please answer the questions below as they relate to your firm:

B1. Is your firm currently capable of manufacturing the ENGINE ASSEMBLY (NSN 2815-01-505-3655)?

B2. Have you provided this item for any U.S. Government agency in the past? If so, what was the contract number/s and agency/ies?

B3. Does your firm have experience with First Article Testing (FAT)? If so, please provide a summary of this experience.

B4. If your firm was awarded a contract for this item, where would production take place?

B5. What is your firm’s production lead time after receipt of an order? (Please respond in # of calendar days.)

B6. What is your firm’s maximum production capability per month?

B7. What is your firm’s price per unit for a quantity of 36 EA? Price per unit for a quantity of 36 EA with a 100% option? Price per unit for a quantity of 72 EA?

B8. What is your firm’s most economical production rate for this item? (Please include a unit price.)

B9. Is there any other pertinent information your firm would like to include?


The U.S. Government acknowledges its obligations under 18 U.S.C. §1905 to protect information qualifying as “CONFIDENTIAL” under this statute. Pursuant to this statute, the U.S. Government is willing to accept any trade secret or confidential restrictions placed on qualifying data forwarded in response to the survey questions and to protect it from unauthorized disclosure subject to the following:

1.  Clearly and conspicuously mark qualifying data as trade secret or confidential with the restrictive legend (all caps) “CONFIDENTIAL” with any explanatory text, so the U.S. Government is clearly notified of what data needs to be appropriately protected.

2.  In marking such data, please take care to mark only those portions of the data or materials that are truly trade secret or confidential (over breadth in marking inappropriate data as “CONFIDENTIAL” may diminish or eliminate the usefulness of your response – see item 6 below). Use circling, underscoring, highlighting or any other appropriate means to indicate those portions of a single page which are to be protected.

3.  The U.S. Government is not obligated to protect unmarked data. Additionally, marked data that is already in the public domain or in the possession of the U.S. Government or third parties, or is afterward placed into the public domain by the owner or another party through no fault of the U.S. Government will not be protected once in the public domain. Data already in the possession of the U.S. Government will be protected in accordance with the U.S. Government’s rights in the data.

4.  Confidential data transmitted electronically, whether by physical media or not, whether by the respondent or by the U.S. Government, shall contain any restrictive legend, with any explanatory text, on both the cover of the transmittal e-mail and at the beginning of the file itself. Where appropriate for portions only of an electronic file, use the restrictive legends “CONFIDENTIAL DATA BEGINS:” and “CONFIDENTIAL PORTION ENDS.”

5.  In any reproductions of technical data or any portions thereof subject to asserted restrictions, the U.S. Government shall also reproduce the asserted restriction legend and any explanatory text.

6.  The U.S. Government sometimes uses support contractors in evaluating responses. Consequently, responses that contain confidential information may receive only limited or no consideration since the Respondent’s marking of data as “Confidential” will preclude disclosure of same outside the U.S. Government and therefore will preclude disclosure to these support contractors assisting the evaluation effort.

Responses to this Sources Sought shall be sent via e-mail to:

Daniel Shallal

Contract Specialist, ACC-DTA

E-MAIL: daniel.m.shallal.civ@mail.mil


NOTE: You may respond in total or to any part of this questionnaire; however, all responses must be received NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, 29-MAR-2021 at 4:00 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME (EST)[A2] . Your input is voluntary and no compensation will be made for your participation. We appreciate your cooperation in answering these questions and thank you in advance for your participation.

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