This sources sought notice is for information and planning purposes only and shall not be construed as a solicitation or as an obligation on the part of the South Carolina Air National Guard. The SC ANG is currently conducting market research to locate qualified, experienced, and interested potential Small Business sources. Responses will not be considered as quotes, nor will any award be incurred by interested parties in responding to this sources sought announcement. In the event that enough small business concerns are not available for adequate competition for this project, it will be advertised as unrestricted.  

The 169th Fighter Wing, McEntire Joint National Guard Base, Eastover, SC has a requirement to provide preventative (pre-habilitative) physical therapy, athletic training, strength and conditioning, and massage therapy services. Surveys indicate up to 100% of fighter aircrew have experienced some type of spine discomfort during their career. This includes issues in the neck, upper back, and lower back (cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine). This is caused by the dynamic movement pilots experience while operating aircraft under high G forces, and the unique stresses caused by the equipment that is necessary for flight. The helmet that is worn during flight weighs approximately 5 pounds. This weight, combined with experiencing up to 9 G’s (9 times the force of gravity) the neck and back can be subject to supporting over 130 pounds in a dynamic maneuvering scenario. Often these forces are exerted while looking over the shoulder while the torso is twisted. The confluence of these factors may result in several types of neck and back injury. The Optimizing the Human Weapon System (OHWS) program is intended to address these pressing concerns and better prepare fighter pilots to meet the unique physical needs of fighter aircraft flying operations.  The 169th Fighter Wing has a requirement to provide preventative (pre-habilitative) physical therapy, athletic training, strength and conditioning services, and massage therapy services to aircrew at McEntire Joint National Guard Base, Eastover, SC. The OHWS program is designed to give fighter pilots the tools and access to professional strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapist and athletic trainers, and massage therapists to prevent future injury and increase quality of life.

All interested small business concerns will provide this office in writing, a notice stating their positive intention to submit a proposal as a prime contractor no later than 5PM Eastern Standard Time on December 5th, 2021. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this work is 621340. The small business size standard is $8 million average annual revenue for the previous three years to be classified as a small business. Your attention is directed to FAR CLAUSE 52.219-14(c)(3) LIMITATIONS ON SUBCONTRACTING which states "By submission of an offer and execution of a contract, the Offeror/Contractor agrees that in performance of the contract, in the case of a contract for services, the concern will perform at least 50 percent of the cost of contract performance incurred for personnel shall be expended for employees of the concern" applies to this project if set aside for small business. Contractors should provide information regarding their plan and resources available to provide the indicated 50 percent expended for employees of the concern. 

Attach information, not to exceed three typewritten pages, that must include a (1) positive statement of intent to bid as a prime contractor and (2) a completed and signed Sources Sought Information Request Form (see form attached) and (3) a listing of past performance relative to the required services in this request. (4) a brief outline of resources, subcontractors, and key personnel that would be used to accomplish the contract. 

Information shall be provided via email to: Timothy Ogburn and Jonathan Bailey at; . No facsimile, mailed, or hand-delivered responses will be honored.