W15QKN21X0DW1 – Sources Sought – Explosive Waste Incinerator Operation Support

Sep 30, 2020 | Sources Sought

The Combat Capabilities Development Command – Armaments Center (CCDC-AC) is seeking to identify potential sources to meet a requirement for support in operation of its explosive waste incinerator. This support encompasses maintenance and repair of systems, installation, calibration of its continuous monitoring system, design, process and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) permitting support. This requirement also includes support for its software and control system and technical field support during operations. The contractor must also conduct Comprehensive Performance Testing and Confirmatory Testing (dioxins and furans) as required under 40CFR 63.1207.

Maintenance and repair will be necessary for equipment such as drum dumpers, vibratory hoppers, conveyors, explosive grinders, slurry mix tanks as well as pumps and motors, rotary kiln and secondary combustion burners, a baghouse, acid scrubber, wet electrostatic precipitator and an induced draft fan, a continuous emissions monitoring system (Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrous Oxide sensors). Installation of replacement systems and merging with the existing systems may be required.

Calibration support will be required for the approximate 100 flowmeters, temperature and level sensors, pressure sensors and switches and emissions monitors at the incinerator facility. This support will be necessary for the maintenance and installation of new sensors. Process support includes optimization of process operations, preparation of drawings and Process Instrumentation and Drawings (P&IDs), design support for changes and inclusion of new equipment and such support in diagnosing system and process upsets and problems, especially those unique to explosive processing. Permitting support shall include assistance in preparing reports to be submitted to the NJDEP, modifications to the RCRA and Title V Air permits, response to possible Notices of Deficiency (NODs), conducting audits of incinerator operations for compliance with regulations.

This requirement will also call for off-site and on-site software, hardware and programming support for the intricate control, monitoring and recording system for the incinerator. This will require an understanding of the process algorithms inherent in such a facility control system. On-site technical support will be required for ensuring continuous operations.

The contractor shall conduct Comprehensive Performance Testing (CPT) required of Hazardous Waste Combustors, and also Confirmatory Testing for dioxins and furans in accordance with the testing and sampling requirements in 40CFR63.1207. CPT and Confirmatory protocols (test plans) will be required for submission to the NJDEP prior to testing which shall allow CCDC to operate under its current Operating Parameter Limits (OPLs). A test report and Notice of Compliance (NOC) will also need to be prepared for each test. The contractor shall also provide guidance to CCDC operators on setting process and operating parameters during the performance of this testing to ensure the OPLs are maintained.

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