W15QKN-20-R-0122 – Sources Sought – IDS Replacement – MIRC

Aug 26, 2020 | Sources Sought

The Military Intelligence Readiness Command (MIRC) has a requirement to replace the IDS at the ARISCs that meets the Technical Specifications for Construction and Management of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, VERSION 1.4, IC Tech Spec for ICD/ICS 705, September 28, 2017. The Government shall not exercise any supervision or control over the contract service providers performing the services herein. Such contract service providers shall be accountable solely to the Contractor who, in turn is responsible to the Government. : The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and non-personal services necessary to perform the replacement of the Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) systems at the ARISCs as defined in the attached Performance Work Statement (PWS).

**For additional details please see the attached PWS.

**If interested, please submit a capabilities statement to Din Boljevic, at medin.boljevic.civ@mail.mil, no later than 11:00 AM EST on Friday, 28 August 2020.

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