VA25616R0412 – Sources Sought – X1AA–New/Replacing Lease for HHC HBPC Office in Little Rock

Sep 9, 2020 | Sources Sought

Department of Veterans Affairs
Notice of Intent to Lease Approximately 4,200 Net Usable Square Feet (NUSF) of Office Space in Little Rock, AR

Notice: This is not a solicitation for offer, nor a request for proposals. VA will not pay for any costs incurred as a result of this advertisement. Respondents are advised that the VA assumes no responsibility to award a lease based upon responses to this advertisement.

Contracting Office Address

United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Network Contracting Office 16, Eugene J. Towbin Healthcare Center, 2200 Fort Roots Drive, Building 41, North Little Rock, AR 72114


The Department of Veterans Affairs Central Arkansas Healthcare System (CAVHS) is
seeking to lease a minimum of 4,200 net usable square feet (NUSF) of space
(approximately 5,000 rentable square feet) for use by VA as a Home Healthcare Service
(HHC) office in Little Rock, AR. The existing lease has expired and VA is conducting a
procurement for a new lease.

Space Requirements

Space in an existing building must be located on no more than one (1) contiguous floor; and all space must be contiguous. First (1st) floor space is preferred; if space offered is on not on the first floor, a minimum of one passenger elevator and one freight elevator must be provided. Net usable square feet does not include areas such as stairs, elevators, mechanical and utility rooms, ducts, shafts, vestibules, public corridors and public toilets required by local code. The building must be able to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and meet certain security requirements as set forth in the Interagency Security Committee Standards and the Department of Justice Security Standards.

Parking Requirements

VA requires on-site non reserved parking for up to forty (40) vehicles. All parking must be fully compliant with local laws, rules and regulations. All offered spaces shall be sized in accordance with the design standards described in the VA Design Guide and VA Barrier Free Design. The parking area must meet all requirements of Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards (ABAAS).

Delineated Area

To receive consideration, submitted properties must be located within or directly fronting the following delineated area:

Beginning at the intersection of Chenal Parkway and S. Bowman Road, travel south to Shady Creek Drive. Turn left on Shady Creek Drive and proceed east to Ridgewood Drive. Turn left onto Forest Creek Drive and proceed south to Ridgewood Drive. Turn left onto Ridgewood Drive and proceed southeast to Peach Tree Drive. Turn left onto Peach Tree Drive and travel northeast to S. Shakleford Road. Turn left onto the on ramp for I-430 N. Travel north on I-430 to I-630. Exit I-430 N. onto I-630 W. and travel west to S. Bowman Road.
The following map is provided for further clarification of the boundaries of the delineated area.

Lease Term

Ten (10) year term; 5-years firm. VA reserves the right to request other lease term options.

Submission Requirements

Please provide as much as possible of the following basic information and descriptions pertaining to the building you propose for consideration by VA. VA s assessment of your building will be solely dependent on the information you provide. VA reserves the right to eliminate a property that fails to provide sufficient information.

All submissions should include the following information:

Name of Owner.
Address or locational description of the building.
Age of building.
Total existing gross square feet.
Site plan depicting the building and parking.
Floor plan of the proposed space.
Identification of on-site parking to be dedicated for VA s use.
A map demonstrating the building is within the delineated area.
Description of ingress/egress to the building.
FEMA map evidencing that the building lies outside the 100-year floodplain.
A narrative and map describing proximity of the building to the nearest bus and/or train stop and major transportation routes.
Building owners must provide evidence of ownership. Non-owners (e.g. prospective developers/lessors) submitting a building must provide evidence of permission or authority granted by property owner to submit the building to VA for development.
Any information related to title issues, easements and restrictions on the use of the building.
A description of any planned land development or construction which will affect the building including neighboring projects and road/ utility line construction.


The offered space:
Shall meet Federal and State Government requirements for fire safety, accessibility, seismic and sustainability standards per the terms of the Lease.
Shall be fully serviced.
Hours of operation: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, but accessible for VA use 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Shall not be next to a bar, liquor store or like establishment; and
Shall not be located near an area where it is known that illegal activities occur such as illegal drugs sales.
Is preferred to be located on ground floor, if not, space must be ADA compliant to include elevator.
Access to the space from parking must not involve traversing a busy road, highway or other thoroughfare.
Space must be available for occupancy by December 1, 2020.
Market Survey

The Contracting Officer will make an initial evaluation to determine if the offered building meets VA s criteria as listed within this advertisement. If the building meets VA s criteria, a market survey may be necessary to evaluate the buildings submitted. If a market survey is necessary buildings will be evaluated as follows:

Buildings will be scored as Pass or Fail in accordance with VA site selection criteria.

Interested Offerors (owners, brokers, or their legal representatives) should submit Expressions of Interest electronically no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on September 15, 2020 to VA s real estate representatives below:

Public Properties
1010 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Suite 650
Washington, DC 20007


Ed Brennan Susan Monene
202-652-4194 202-652-4187
An electronic or hard copy of all informational packages shall also be sent to:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Eugene J. Towbin Healthcare Center
2200 Fort Roots Drive
Building 41
North Little Rock, AR 72114
Network Contracting Office 16
ATTN: Kim Foster, Contracting Officer
Telephone: 501-257-1155

NOTE: This advertisement is not a Solicitation for Offers (SFO), nor is it a Request for Lease Proposal (RLP). An RLP may be issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs at a later date.


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