SS-06102024-001-543180-H399 – Sources Sought – Annual Radios Communication System Inspection

Jun 11, 2024 | Sources Sought

  1. General

Annual Piping Inspections of the Capitol Power Plant (CPP) Utility Distribution System (UDS) Tunnels.

    1. Short Description

On an annual basis, the contractor shall perform a comprehensive piping inspection of the Capitol Power Plant (CPP) Utility Distribution System (UDS).

Evaluate the current pipe thickness of steam lines, chilled water lines, and condensate piping systems throughout the UDS to determine discrete locations for piping inspections.

    1. Background

The Capitol Power Plant (CPP) provides steam and/or chilled water service to twenty-three (23) buildings within the Capitol Complex.  Buildings receive steam and/or chilled water service from the network of piping located within the CPP utility tunnels and from direct-buried piping systems. 

The walkable and utility (non-walkable) tunnels, buried pipelines, and utility vaults are AOC permit-required confined spaces and may contain asbestos-containing material and lead-based painted materials. 

    1. Objectives

The contractor shall perform comprehensive piping inspection of the CPP UDS tunnels (walkable, non-walkable/Utility Vaults, and branch tunnels) to evaluate if the piping still meets the requirements of ASME B31.1 based on the operating and design pressure and temperature of the steam supply, Chilled Water Supply (CWS), high/low pressure condensate return, and Chille Water Return (CWR).

    1. Scope

The purpose of this solicitation is for the contractor to furnish all labor, materials, supplies, equipment, software, transportation, management, and incidentals to perform site investigations and any evaluations (i.e. pipe stress analysis, life cycle, or other test methods) for preparing an engineering assessment of the steam, chilled water, and condensate distribution system.

        1. Assess the current condition of the piping systems in terms of remaining wall thickness, wall loss, corrosion rate, and estimated remaining service life. Evaluate existing and past piping assessment reports (provided for reference only) for piping re-inspection at certain locations as determined which require close monitoring.
        2. Identify any system weakness, and immediate and near-term threats of leak or failure. Post compiling of all the information, the contractor shall evaluate if the piping still meets the requirements of ASME B31.1 based on the operating and design pressure and temperature of the steam supply, CWS, high/low pressure condensate return, and CWR.
        3. The contractor provides an engineering assessment with remedial recommendations that are safe and effective based on applicable engineering standards and industry best practices. Provide documentation of specific findings and observations contributing to such abnormally higher corrosion activity.
        4. Evaluate existing and past piping assessment reports (provided for reference only) for piping re-inspection at certain locations as determined which require close monitoring.
        5. Evaluate the current pipe thickness of steam lines (insulated), chilled water lines (insulated), and condensate piping (insulated) systems throughout the UDS to determine discrete locations for piping inspections. Compare the measured thickness with the minimum pipe thickness required by the industry (ASME B31.1).
        6. The Contractor shall be responsible for removal of pipe insulation and shall provide pipe cleaning and surface preparation per required guidelines. The contractor shall be responsible for re-insulating the removed insulation post-inspection. Removal, storage, surface preparation, and re-installation of pipe insulation and jacketing within a timely manner to ensure efficient and safe operations of CPP UDS.
        7. This work may require coordination with AOC CPP steam line charging, steam line switchover, safety stand-downs, evacuations, and evacuation drills, etc., during the project inspection period.
      1. Types of Inspection

Types of Inspections (as applicable per ASME B31.1 requirements – inclusive and not limited to):

    1. Magnetic Particle Examination
      1. Inspect the exposed welds and attachment points for surface defects.
    2. Time of Flight Diffraction Ultrasonic (TOFD)
      1. Inspect the seam welds for defects.
    3. Linear Phased Array (LPA) Ultrasonic Testing
      1. Investigate and provide suspected defects. Use encoded LPA to inspect the girth welds.
    4. A-Scan and B-Scan Ultrasonic Testing
      1. Establish reference locations and scan the piping to generate wall thickness data. Establish surface profile morphology of piping system at reference locations using 3D laser scanning.
    5. Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometry
      1. Remove representative corrosion samples for elemental analysis. Perform Energy Dispersive X-Ray spectrometry to detect and measure elemental composition.
    6. Hardness Inspection
    7. Guided Wave Thickness
    8. Eddy Pulse Current
      1. Report
        1. Generate a report with the following contents: Executive Summary, Background, Summary of All Test Results, Detailed Analysis of Individual Test locations, Trend Analysis Graphs, Priority Listing of Tested Areas, Conclusions and Recommendations, and potential addendums, appendix etc.
    1. Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price (FFP)
    2. Place of Performance / Hours of Operation

Capitol Hill and Capitol Power Plant, located at 25 E Street SE, Washington DC 20003.

6:00 AM to 2:30 PM (Monday through Friday).

    1. Period of Performance

A base contract will be Award Date up to 12 months. Each option year will be for one year after the base year with four (4) option years.

Onsite activities related to Piping Inspections of utility distribution lines between the warmer months of May through September of each calendar year weather dependent.

    1. Funding

For the Base Year and each option period will be subject to the Governments need for services and availability of fiscal year funding.

    1. Privacy act

All plans, specifications, and photographs in reference to this project are the property of the United States Government. Copying, disseminating, or distributing is prohibited.

The contractor shall not release any project information, in any format, without prior written approval by the AOC Contracting Officer (AOC CO) in accordance with AOC52.203-2 and AOC52.203-4.

    1. Personal Service

This is not a personal services contract.

    1. Security

In accordance with Clause AOC52.223-5 “Special Security Requirements – Services (Feb 2010) of the contract, within 7 calendar days after date of award the Contractor shall submit to the COR a list of all employees proposed to support this contract. The Contractor shall comply with all AOC security regulations, policies, and procedures.

Furthermore, in accordance with Clause AOC52.204-4 “Personal Identity Verification of Contractor Personnel (December 2012),” of the Contract, a copy of the E-Verify case details document evidencing “employment authorized” (final verification request) shall be provided with each request for an AOC ID badge.”

All Offeror employees shall submit an E-Verify form and a United States Capitol Police background check form (CP-491) prior to working on any task order under the BPA. The Offeror’s employees shall also complete an Offeror badging request form. All members of the team working on site will be required to submit to wear an identification badge, that is in visible sight, at all times. On site work may be interrupted because of Congressional events or U.S. Capitol Police requirements. All work to be performed is subject to Government interruptions.

    1. Safety

The Contractor shall observe all safety precautions throughout the performance of this contract. 

All AOC, EM 385 1-1, OSHA, and OCWR safety procedures shall be always followed. The work to be performed is in permit-required confined space tunnels, and all entrants must take and submit certifications as proof of successfully completing all required training before entering a tunnel, including, but not limited to, Permit-Required Confined Space, Asbestos Awareness and Heat Stress Prevention.

The contractor shall assume full responsibility and liability for compliance with applicable regulations pertaining to the health and safety of personnel during the execution of work and shall hold the AOC harmless for any action on his/her part, or that of his/her employees or subcontractors, which results in illness, injury, or death.

    1. Energy Efficiency/Compliance

The contractor must follow applicable AOC policies, DC regulations, Environmental Protection Association Regulations, and DC Department of Transportation Regulations.

    1. Sustainability

This section is not used.

    1. Key Personnel

The contractor shall staff this project with appropriate subject matter expert (SME) personnel to perform the required scope as described above.

Key Personnel shall be administered in accordance with AOC52.211-1, Key Personnel and AOC52.211-2, Approval of Substitute Offeror Personnel.

Key personnel may not be removed from the contract without the approval of the CO.

    1. Quality Control

This will be the responsibility of the contractor for all work performed in the field and before the submission of any documents/records to the AOC must review and certify.

    1. Records / Data

All records and data produced under this Contract the property of the AOC.  The AOC will archive all submitted data for the record. Per deliverables. AOC52.227-2, Unlimited Government Rights (Nov 2004), The Government shall have unlimited rights other work developed in the performance of this contract, including the right to use same on any, for the benefit of the Government, in all drawings, designs, specifications, notes, and other Government work without additional cost to the Government; and with respect thereto the contractor agrees to and does hereby grant to the Government a royalty-free license to all such data which the contractor may cover by copyright and to all designs as to which the contractor may assert any rights or establish any claim under the design patent or copyright laws. The contractor agrees to furnish and to provide access to all such materials at the request of the Contracting Officer. PDFs and Electronic files will be included in every submission. Electronic files must be submitted in Microsoft Excel format. All documents are included in the AOC non-disclosure agreement.

    1.    Packaging/Packing/Shipping Instructions

Not Applicable to this contract

    1.   Offsite Screening Instructions

All large equipment / service trucks required for the assessment must be screened by the US Capitol Police at the offsite screening facility in accordance with Capitol Police Procedures. 

    1.    Applicable Documents


    1.   Points of Contact

Contracting Officer (CO): TBD

Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR): TBD

  1.      Definitions & Acronyms As defined in context and stated below:

AOC – Architect of the Capitol

CO- Contracting Officer

COR – Contracting Officers Representative

IDIQ – Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity

OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration

FAR – Federal Acquisition Regulation

FFP – Firm-Fixed Price

AHJ – Authorities Having Jurisdiction

CFR – Code of Federal Regulations

CPP – Capitol Power Plant

SOW – Statement of Work

UDS – Utility Distribution System

  1. Government Furnished Property (GFP)

Not Applicable to this contract

  1. Contractor Furnished Items

The contractor shall provide all labor, tools, materials, equipment, software’s, hardware, technology, manpower, scaffolding, transportation, connections, tie-in, testing instrumentation, safety tools and equipment and all other miscellaneous items per their means and methods required to complete the project contract work including required PPE.

  1. Proposal Submission: Government request proposals submitted electronically.
  1.  Travel Costs: All travel costs shall be built into a fixed pricing schedule.
  1. Deliverables and Reports

Hard copies and electronic via web base for all submittals.

  1. Inspection and Acceptance

Inspection and acceptance shall be conducted in accordance with contract clause AOC52.246-5 Inspection and Acceptance – Architect-Engineer Services (Nov 2004).

Inspection, review, and Acceptance will be performed by CO with COR support.

  1. Procedures for Payment

Billing and payment shall be accomplished in accordance with contract clauses 52.232-10 Payments under Fixed-Price Architect-Engineer Contracts (Apr 2010), AOC52.232-1 Payment Requests (March 2012), and AOC52.232-6 Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (March 2012).

Payment will be accomplished through IPP. Submit a draft by the 25th of every month to COR for review and approval; once agreed upon, submit it into the IPP system and provide a copy to CO and COR for tracking.

Instructions for Responding to this RFI:

1) Please provide a response to the following questions from the Government:

a) Will your company be interested in submitting a quotation for this contract if a solicitation is issued?

b) Can your company perform this scope of work under its GSA Schedule contract? If so, what is the GSA Schedule contract number? What SIN is this usually done under? Or is this a mix of SINs?

c) What questions do you have for the Government? (You may either list your questions in the RFI response or you may email the questions to the Contracting Officer, Donald Fuqua at [email protected] if it helps you to provide a better response with the answers known)

d) What is the usual duration of a contract for this work? In other words, what period of performance is typical for this?

e) Please provide examples of past contracts within the past three years that are either completed or ongoing that have the same or similar scope of work. Please provide the awarded contract dollar amount as well.

f) Any other information you believe will be of interest to the Government.

Please email responses to the Contracting Officer, Donald Fuqua at [email protected] by noon on June 28, 2024.

Thank you,

Donald Fuqua

Architect of the Capitol

Supplies, Services, and Material Management Division (SSMMD)

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