SPRDL120R0276 – Sources Sought – Circuit Card Assembly

Aug 11, 2020 | Sources Sought

Item Name: Circuit Card Assembly  (CCA)

NSN: 5998-01-373-0867

Part Number: 12925896

Quantity: 150 EA plus a 100% option.

End Item: M1 Abrams FOV

This CCA is a down part to the RCEU (01-572-1096).  The Sensor Input Circuit Card Assembly CCA is one of several CCA’s located within the CEU LRU fire control system.  The purpose of the Sensor Input CCA receives different analog signals produced by sensors and equipment on the vehicle and generates an equivalent digital value which is read by the Central Processor CCA. The Sensor Input CCA also provides current limited power supplies – that are individually controlled – to some external devices such as the Cant sensor, Wind sensor, and Reticle Drive.

The Government does not possess the technical data package (TDP), detailed drawings and performance specifications for this item.

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