Proposed procurement for NSN 5306012565188 BOLT,SHEAR:
Line 0001 Qty 111 UI EA Deliver To: By: 0182 DAYS ADO
This Solicitation may result in an Automated IDC (Indefinite Delivery Contract). The term of the contract/order will be one year or until the aggregate total of orders placed against the contract/order reach 250000.00. The estimated number of orders per year is 9. The Guaranteed Minimum quantity will be 16. Items will be shipped to various CONUS and OCONUS (via consolidation and containerization point) DLA Depots.
Approved sources are 06710 VAL23033-5H7; 06725 AIC752-5H7; 06950 ST3M571-5H7; 06950 VS3060-5H7; 0JV78 ST3M571-5H7; 16258 SLB253-5H7; 1EM77 GS1030-5H7; 27624 ST3M571-5H7; 56878 74328-5H7; 57928 S11-1059-5H7; 58998 ST3M571-5H7; 59563 11831-5H7; 73197 MB84-5H7; 76301 ST3M571-5H7; 80539 74328-5H7; L4528 MB84-5H7.
The solicitation is an RFQ and will be available at the link provided in this notice. Hard copies of this solicitation are not available. Specifications, plans, or drawings are not available.
All responsible sources may submit a quote which, if timely received, shall be considered.
Quotes must be submitted electronically.