DLA Troop Support is conducting market research on AGSU Belts for Men's and Women's Coats to determine an acquisition strategy that will enhance our support of military customers worldwide, as well as to determine what your industry will be capable of providing with respect to the required item.  For this reason, DLA Troop Support would appreciate your firm sharing your expertise and insight into how these items can be most efficiently procured.  This announcement is considered Market Research in accordance with FAR 10.

DLA Troop Support anticipates issuing a solicitation for the referenced items under an Indefinite-Quantity/Indefinite Delivery Contract. The contract may be for a term of one year. Further, it may contain an option to extend the term of the contract. If an option to extend the term of the contract provision is included in the solicitation, each option term would be one year. DLA Troop Support is also considering the use of pricing tiers where each tier period will be for a 12-month performance period.

Please see attached Market Research Survey.