SP2025 – Sources Sought – Spaceport Enhancement Program (SEP); RFI

May 15, 2024 | Sources Sought


The US Space Force (USSF), Space Systems Command (SSC), Assured Access To Space (AATS), Small Launch and Targets Division (AAMX), Rocket Systems Launch Program (RSLP), Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, NM is interested in obtaining a Statement of Capabilities (SOC) for increasing Spaceport capabilities to support military utility for the national security space program.


The Spaceport Enhancements Program (SEP) effort has the objective of investing in United States based spaceport capabilities and making enhancements that will be focused on increasing the military utility of these installations in support of future DoD launch services. Qualified awardees, at a minimum, will have an existing FAA license for orbital space launch activities, be state-owned, have the capability to provide mid-to-low inclination or polar-to-high inclination orbits, as well as have existing operational facilities and experienced personnel with up to secret level clearances that can support and process DoD payloads and provide launch services at the secret level in support of the national security space program.

Responses to this RFI will be considered in the Government’s development of acquisition strategies. All potential SEP sources are encouraged to respond with a Statement of Capability (SOC) expressing interest in the contract.

SOC Guidelines:

The SOC may be in presentation format or a written narrative. At a minimum, the SOC must address all of the following criteria:

  • Launch facility infrastructure, including commercial and state-owned launch         facilities, that are capable of operating at the secret level.
  • Please provide a list of vehicles currently licensed or planned to be licensed at the spaceport by 4Q CY 2024.
  • Please provide evidence of a spaceport Federal Aviation Administration, (FAA) license.
  • Please provide evidence of state involvement in the spaceport and include the spaceport organization and ownership structure.
  • Explain the spaceport capability to provide launch to either mid-to-low inclination or polar-to-high inclination orbit.
  • Provide evidence of how you will support national security space programs and classified payload integration.
  • Discuss spaceport personnel cleared at the secret level. Please explain how you obtain and certify secret clearances for spaceport personnel.
  • Discuss spaceport classified facilities. Please provide evidence of DCSA accreditation to perform work at the secret level.
  • Provide your spaceport current capabilities and planned future capabilities by

4Q CY 2024 and describe potential upgrades that would enhance the military utility of these capabilities.

SOCs should be sent electronically to the following individuals within 12 business days of the date of this posting:

Robert Robson, [email protected]

Serge Nana, [email protected]

Phillip Armijo, [email protected]

The information contained herein is based on the best information available at the time of publication, is subject to revision, and is not binding on the Government.  NAICS 927110, Space Research and Technology companies should apply for this proposed acquisition. The Government will not recognize any costs associated with submission of information in response to this notice.

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