SBSS_75N91021Q00046 – Sources Sought – Anaerobic Chamber with a Hypoxic upgrade, including mechanisms of multi-species bacterial interactions.

Mar 18, 2021 | Sources Sought


The procurement of an Anaerobic Chamber with a Hypoxic upgrade, including mechanisms of multi-species bacterial interactions.


The equipment being purchased is an anaerobic chamber with a hypoxic upgrade. This is used to manipulate and grow microorganisms that need to grow without oxygen, under anaerobic conditions. It also has the option of maintaining specific (low) levels of oxygen with the chamber. It will therefore be useful in our lab to grow and experiment with anaerobic microorganisms, for which oxygen is toxic. Further, it will be used to study how bacteria behave under different environmental conditions, specifically varying levels of oxygen (compared to regular atmospheric conditions). This equipment is required by the Systems Biology Unit, in the Lab or Molecular Biology, CCR, NCI.


This is a Firm Fixed-Price Purchase Order.



The required product features/characteristics are as follows:

  • Constructed of 20 mil. clear flexible PVC (poly vinyl chloride) vinyl; the front of the chamber must constructed of optical quality pressed polished 30 mil. PVC. The chamber/glove box must be clear on all four sides to allow complete visibility of contents.
  • The glove ports must be constructed of highly flexible 15 mil. PVC vinyl and measure 17” x 11” Oval for better ergonomics.
  • Equipped with at least 4 x 1.5” Feed-Thru for electrical wiring/tubing access to chamber interior.
  • Supplied with a six-receptacle electric outlet, with ON/OFF switch and circuit breaker.
  • Supplied with 1 pair of latex gloves; these gloves must be replaceable without affecting the internal atmosphere of the chamber. Replacement gloves must be done in less than 30 seconds via quick change cuff.
  • Capable of maintaining an atmosphere below 5 ppm O2 using a hydrogen gas mix reacting with a palladium catalyst to remove oxygen.
  • Equipped with a microcomputer controlled, single pushbutton operation, front loading automatic airlock, with status lights and audible alarm for low gas. The airlock must include backup independent manual controls which operate even when the automatic system is not functioning.
  • Capable of the adjusting number of cycles (minimum of 81 different combinations of Background and Gas Mix), enable the user to adjust vacuum levels (10-30 in. Hg), display vacuum levels in either inches of mercury (Hg) or millibars, and enable the user to save minimum of 9 different cycle configurations.
  • Chamber must not expel interior atmosphere to the room atmosphere whenever use of the arms displaces the gas mixture.
  • Chamber must contain at least 25 cubic feet of interior volume (707 liters) and 12 square feet (1.11 sq. meters) of work space, the airlock must be at least 1.4 cubic feet of pass through space (39.6 liters).
  • Automatic chamber must include accessory items ie; vacuum pump, interior power supply outlets (at least 5), 2 gas regulators, tubing, 2 fan boxes, and 4 catalyst stak-paks.
  • Chamber interior must include automatic H2 injection system, based on H2 gas not pressure or timer based systems that may waste expensive gas mix.
  • Must include Oxygen and Hydrogen Monitor with the following specifications:

a) Analyzer must measure oxygen from 0- 2000 parts per million. +/- 20 ppm.

b) Analyzer must measure Hydrogen from 1-100%. (+/-1.0%)

c) Must have audio and visual alarms to indicate high levels of Oxygen. Alarm levels must be adjustable.

d) Must have audio and visual alarms to indicate high and low levels of Hydrogen.

e) Oxygen levels must not be affected by CO2 or other gases.

  • Chamber must include separate internal incubator with +4 ambient up to 40 deg. C control (+/- 1 deg. C), 350 x 100mm petri dish capacity, and Sliding front loading doors
  • Chamber must include O2 Control system to enable elevated O2 levels with O2 Control Range 0-100% in 0.1% resolution, and be factory calibrated for 0-20% operational range.
  • Chamber must include barehanded (gloveless) access to the chamber interior.
  • Chamber must include a means of managing H2S. Charcoal only systems not accepted due to inadequate removal.


The item shall be delivered within 2 months of the purchase order award (barring delays due to the current Covid-19 crisis including lab closure).

Delivery will be to the following address:

National Cancer Institute, NIH

Building 37, Room 5016

37 Convent Dr.

Bethesda, MD 20892


The Contractor shall provide complete training for instrument operation to the NCI researchers at the above location within one month of the delivery and installation of the instrument.


The Contractor shall warrant that any instruments, equipment, components, or other supplies (“Supplies”) procured by this purchase are free of defects in design, material, or manufacture for a period of at least one (1) calendar year from date of acceptance by the Government.

The Contractor shall warrant that all consumables or expendable parts are free of defects in design, material or manufacture for a period of at least 90 calendar days from date of acceptance by the Government.

Supplies which are repaired or replaced shall be warranted for the remainder of the initial warranty period or for 90-days – whichever is greater.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, please pay close attention to the following delivery instructions and ensure that sufficient information is included in the quote to be considered for an award. Please be aware that due to the fluidity of the existing pandemic, instructions may be updated as needed after award.

  • All quotes must include confirmation that equipment is or will be available for delivery by the due date
  • Quoters must confirm:
    • Willingness to store or hold equipment until NCI is ready to accept the equipment at no additional cost.
    • The equipment will not be sold to another company in the event NCI is not ready to accept delivery due to unanticipated changes related to COVID-19.
    • Training as identified in Section 4 may be made available and provided to required staff at different times and dates at no additional cost.
  • Communicate and follow instructions from the Technical Point of Contact (TPOC) to coordinate delivery, installation, and training. The delivery address and TPOC’s information will be provided at time of award and must be included as part of the order/shipping label.

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