The breaching shotgun is required for FBI tactical teams to provide forced entry capabilities for numerous mission sets, including emergency hostage rescue and active shooter response. The breaching shotgun is necessary in crisis response situations requiring a rapid fail-safe breach. To maintain this capability, the FBI has begun market research for a replacement platform. 

Potential platforms should meet the following criteria:

· Chambered for the Integral Hitch 12 gauge 3” Magnum or 2 ¾” magnum breaching round (12ga, 45-gram TEAR round).

· Can accommodate at least 6 rounds of 2 ¾" (5 round of 3”)

· Can be either tube or magazine fed

· Can be either pump fed or semiautomatic

· Ambidextrous safety controls.

· Have both a full size and short barrel option

· Made in the USA

· Available for delivery in 2022

There is currently no funding set aside for this potential requirement. No inference should be made from this solicitation of a contract/solicitation in the immediate future. 

The FBI is only seeking information on potential platforms at this time. No product samples shall be sent in response to this Request for Information (RFI). All submissions/responses/questions shall be directed to Ryan Dolan-