The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to find capable vendors to support the agency in a variety of training facilitation, assessment and evaluation, and training content and material development services. Respondents to this RFI shall be able to perform all of the duties/requirements listed in the attached Statement of Work (SOW).

The customer agency will not be divulged as this is merely a RFI for market research purposes, and not a solicitation.

Respondents shall provide their capability statement of not more than five (5) pages fully illustrating their ability to meet the SOW requirements to with the subject line Richards/Camacho – Training Support Services no later than Thursday December 02, 2021 by 10:00 am EST. Any other submissions will not be considered.


Interested firms are asked to provide the following in their response to this RFI:

1.  The name, location, DUNS number, and point-of-contact information for the respondent's firm.

2.  A brief capabilities statement of no more than 5 pages, which includes a description of the respondent firm's standard line of business and relative experience.

3.  Respondent firm's business size under NAICS 611430 (Professional and Management Development Training) with a Small Business size standard of $12 Million.

No questions regarding this RFI will be entertained, as a vendor pool is all that is being sought at this time. Questions and Answers will be fielded during the RFQ period in the future. Quotations/proposals will not be accepted at this time.