PR86214205 – Sources Sought – Housing, Mechanical

Oct 3, 2020 | Sources Sought

Contract Specialist: Carlos Oquendo     Email:

NSN : 3040-01-313-7563

Approved Source(s) – Valcor Engineering Corp (877988)  

 Please provide a response by October 9, 2020.


The AMC/AMSC for the NSN listed above is “3 C”

AMC “3”  Items found to be procured from the actual mfgr or vendor, including a prime contractor who is the actual mfgr. “

AMSC “C”   This part requires engineering source approval by the design control activity in order to maintain the quality of the part. Existing unique design capability, engineering skills, and manufacturing knowledge by the qualified source(s) require acquisition of the part from the approved source(s). The approved source(s) retain data rights, manufacturing knowledge, or technical data that are not economically available to the Government, and the data or knowledge is essential to maintaining the quality of the part. An alternate source must qualify in accordance with the design control activity’s procedures, as approved by the cognizant Government engineering activity. The qualification procedures must be approved by the Government engineering activity having jurisdiction over the part in the intended application. Valcor Engineering is the only company at this time that can provide these parts since it is not economically feasible for the government to reverse engineer the items at this time.  Based on all available information provided to the Contracting Officer, no other source can provide this item.  


Please review the NSN listed above and provide any sources that may be able to manufacture these items. The approved sources for this NSN are currently listed above.   All information may be submitted directly to the Contract Specialist listed above. This information must be provided by the response date indicated above. 

Should a company wish to be reviewed and qualified as an “Approved Source”, they may submit an application package through the DLA Land and Maritime Alternate Offer/Source Approval Request (SAR) Program.  A SAR package contains all technical data needed to demonstrate that the prospective contractor can competently manufacture the product to the same level of quality or better than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).  The onus is on the contractor to document and demonstrate their product is equal to, or better, than the currently approved item which DLA Land and Maritime is procuring. 

For further information, please reference the DLA Land Maritime web page shown below and click on the highlight: Alternate Offer/Source Approval Program for detailed explanation for the information and format necessary for a SAR and for the SAR approval process.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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