PANNGB-20-P-0000-018274 – Sources Sought – Aircraft Parts Washing Machine Service & Hazardous Waste Removal

Sep 2, 2020 | Sources Sought

Contractor shall service and maintain parts washing equipment to include:

  • Cleaning the equipment on a quarterly basis
  • Provide Mil Spec solvent and aqueous chemistry
  • Provide DOT shipping container to remove the spent solution
  • Provide all necessary drum labels and DOT shipping documents
  • Manage spent solution in accordance with Local, State and Federal regulations
  • Provide all the necessary equipment/tools and qualified personnel to accomplish the service

Machines are located in three different locations on the 108 Campus.                                                          

R&R: 55 COMs w/Aqueous, Serial#75334

R&R: 53 COMs w/PRF680II Solvent: Serial 57731

R&R: 56 COMs w/PRF680II Solvent: Serial: 57732

System One COMs w/PRM Solvent: 88658

System One COMs w/PRM Solvent: 68355

*Customer-owned machine service (COM)

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