General Information  Army Contracting Command – Detroit Arsenal (ACC-DTA) and Product Manager Heavy Tactical Vehicles (PdM HTV), referred to herein as the United States Government (USG), is seeking information to assess the marketplace availability and industry capabilities for providing an estimated 1,391 each (EA) modification kits to convert an estimated 1,391 EA M1070A1 Heavy Equipment Transporter System (HETS) Tractors (NSN 2320-01-564-6882) into a configuration capable of achieving road permits in Europe and have a maximum Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating (GCVWR) of 290,000 lbs. After integration of the modification kit, the M1070A1 HETS Tractor is known as the M1300 Enhanced Heavy Equipment Transporter (EHET) Tractor (NSN 2320-01-676-3797).  The USG does not own the technical data package for the M1070A1 HETS Tractor and M1300 EHET Tractor. The M1300 EHET Tractor operates in North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries on primary and secondary roads in all climatic conditions while pulling a trailer capable of hauling the most modern and heaviest tracked vehicles in Armored Brigade Combat Teams.

The M1300 Tractor differs in the following ways from the M1070A1 Tractor:

  • FW2080 Series fifth wheel in lieu of Low Lube Version fifth wheel
  • Removal of forward hard lifts for weight reduction
  • Aluminum bumper and fenders for weight reduction
  • Removal of Basic Issue item (BII) Bins, replaced with aluminum cab skirts for weight reduction
  • Passenger side fuel tank moved 43” rearward, steps removed, and aluminum steps in original fuel tank location for weight transfer/reduction
  • Spare tire and mount eliminated for weight reduction
  • A-kit cab armor applique and insulation removal for weight reduction
  • Capable of achieving a maximum individual axle weight of 10,000 kg (22,046 lbs) while supporting a 35,000 lb load on the fifth wheel.
  • Capable of achieving a maximum GCVWR of 290,000 lbs with application approval of key powertrain and suspension components, to include the following:
    • Axles
    • Suspension Air Springs
    • Brakes
    • Engine
    • Transmission
    • Transfer Case
    • Drive Shafts