PANAPG-20-P-0000027666 – Sources Sought – Army Strategic Leadership Conference Support

Sep 9, 2020 | Sources Sought

Sources Sought Notice: This notice is for market research only, with the intent to identify both large and small businesses under the special socioeconomic categories identified in FAR 19.203 (8(a), HUBZone, SDVOSB, WOSB) that are interested in and capable of performing the requirements in the attached requirements document. This sources sought notice neither constitutes a Request for Proposal or Invitation for Bid, nor does it restrict the Government to an ultimate acquisition approach. This notice should not be construed as a commitment by the Government for any purpose.

Each interested party should submit a tailored capabilities statement for this requirement not to exceed ten (10) pages (including any attachments) that clearly details the firm’s ability to perform the aspects of the requirement described within this Sources Sought Notice. Each interested party must articulate its qualifications and capability to support the requirements of the attached requirements document. Specifically, the Government requests that capabilities statements include the following information:

  1. Vendor’s business name, point of contact, address, and DUNS number.
  2. Indication of the concern’s current certified business and socioeconomic status/category and small business size status specifically under NAICS code 611430 or alternate recommended NAICS code if the vendor believes an alternate NAICS code is applicable; this indication should be clearly marked on the first page of the capabilities statement.
  3. A statement or explanation of the company’s background, technical expertise, experience, staffing, and other capabilities that demonstrate the company’s ability to perform the required services identified in the PWS.
  4. What type of work has your company performed in the past in support of the same or similar requirement?
  5. Can or has your company managed a task of this nature? If so, please provide details.
  6. Can or has your company managed a team of subcontractors before? If so, provide details.
  7. What specific technical skills does your company possess which ensure capability to perform the tasks?
  8. Provide an explanation of your company’s ability to perform at least 50% of the tasking described in this PWS for the base period as well as the option periods.
  9. Provide a statement including current small/large business status and company profile to include number of employees, annual revenue history, office locations, DUNs number, etc.
  10. Respondents to this notice also must indicate whether they qualify as a Small, Small Disadvantaged, Women-Owned, HUBZone, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Concern, or 8(a) entity.
  11. Include in your response your ability to meet the requirements in the Facility and Safeguarding section of the PWS.
  12. Does this requirement appear to be appropriate for a firm fixed priced (FFP) acquisition? If not, please provide an explanation as to why, the type of contract that is appropriate including an explanation as to why this contract type is most appropriate. If a portion of this PWS can be FFP, please specify.
  13. Does this Performance Work Statement (PWS) provide sufficient information for you to submit a proposal? If not, what additional information is required?
  14. Are there any ambiguities that require clarification?
  15. Are the standards of performance clear?
  16. Are there additional standards that should be incorporated?
  17. Please provide a detailed explanation of your company’s ability to support the contract requirements under the COVID-19 conditions or other potential national emergencies.  Please give 3-4 options for conducting these events in-person and virtually.  What precautions are required and how can you ensure participants and support staff are safe while ensuring all contract objectives are being met?
  18. Please detail your experience with providing hotel requests for proposals, necessary cost estimates, and other relevant items and procedures required for completing an Army conference approval.  Please describe your comprehensive familiarity with Army Regulation 1-50 (Army Conference Policy), Federal Acquisition Regulation, Joint Travel Regulation, GSA per diem rates, and other pertinent governing documents related to the execution of this contract.
  19. Does your company have the requisite financial capacity, operational capacity, and flexibility to support an Army organization at the C-suite level?  Please demonstrate how your company will manage procuring venues with 30-50% deposit requirements for simultaneous large events exceeding $250K – $500K.  These events could change or be canceled on short notice, especially while operating during the current pandemic.
  20. Please share how you will ensure conference cost does not exceed 9% of the estimated cost.  Provide details for how actual cost and expenditures are tracked and the final report is provided to the COR as prescribed in the PWS.
  21. Please demonstrate your company’s ability to support a strategic leadership audience in an environment that demands performing your best under immense pressure and very high scrutiny. Give examples of your current and previous experience with providing support to general officers and other senior executive leaders.
  22. Please elaborate on your distinct and unique skillsets for this particular contract that separate you from your competitors.
  23. Please share your company’s experience with researching, collecting contact data, prioritizing, recommending, and subsequently contacting potential VIP guest speakers external to the government. 
  24. Please provide a comprehensive and quantifiable explanation of your company’s ability to perform at least 50% of the tasking described in this PWS for the base period as well as the option periods.
  25. Please demonstrate how your company tracks conference participant attendance and maintains accountability of each attendee.  What detailed analysis and metrics can you provide?  How do you handle evaluations and what information and lessons learned might you derive from the information collected?  How can this information be used to enhance future operations and business processes?
  26. Please share your knowledge of using dashboards, metrics, and detailed analysis to enhance conference support operations and participant experiences. Please detail your practical experience with presenting historical and current cost comparison and recommendations.
  27. What innovations might your company suggest to enhance participant interactions, networking, and the overall forum experience?
  28. Please detail your knowledge of the requirements for Army spouse travel and approval.  Please share how government travel cost using military aircraft is calculated and detail any existing restrictions or prohibitions.  Please share your knowledge regarding any spouse commercial travel restrictions or prohibitions.
  29. Please share your knowledge of the Army’s quality of life priorities, family programs, military one source, and other programs as they relate to senior Army spouses and families.

Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Electronic files shall be no larger than 5 MB. Each electronic submission shall include:

1) “Army Strategic Leader Conferences: Capabilities Statement” in the subject line.

2) If the submission includes more than one email, the file number and total filesbeing submitted (e.g., File 1 of 4, File 2 of 4, etc.) in the subject line.

3) In the body of the email, include a Point of Contact (POC), phone number, and email address of the person to be Contacted regarding any correspondence between the Government and the vendor. This person should be a primary contact and capable of addressing questions or issues associated with the submission or content of the capabilities statement.

4) Include a brief summary of the email’s content, the vendor’s name, and mailing address.

5) The capabilities statement attachment.

All capabilities statements sent in response to the Sources Sought must be submitted via e-mail no later than 4:00 PM EST, on Thursday, 10 September 2020 to the contract specialist at, with courtesy copy to the contracting officer at  No fax or telephonic submissions will accepted.

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