N6893620R0144 – Sources Sought – Kuwait Super Hornet Keysight RF Stim System

Aug 25, 2020 | Sources Sought

Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division (NAWCWD) intends to award a sole source contract based on FAR 6.302-1, Only One Responsible Source. The intended source is Keysight Technologies, Inc because they are the original and sole designer, developer and manufacturer of the 4 port Keysight Radio Frequency (RF) generation system with Calibration Solution based on the X-Series Agile Signal Generator (UXG) product line, which will be to stand up a required Electronic Warfare (EW) lab testing capability for the Kuwait Superhornet program in the September 2021 timeframe at the latest. The above system is required for the ability to simulate an enemy threat system shooting at the aircraft. To simulate threat systems the Government requires signal generators in the RF spectrum to mimic the radar waveforms the enemy systems put out. The radar waveforms inputted are based on intelligence and are created by NAWCWD Point Mugu. The simulations that the Government utilizes are built for playback on these very specific Keysight UXG systems and used in other Navy and Department of Defense (DOD) contractor labs/programs. F/A-18 Advanced Weapons Integration and Interoperability lab (AWIIL) are currently using up to 8 Keysight UXGs for the above testing on United States Navy (USN) programs. Those systems are heavily used in the USN lab and are not readily shared with the Kuwait lab being stood up. In order to remain compatible with the current Keysight UXG systems being used, we are seeking this hardware/software suite (Keysight RF) specifically.

This sources sought synopsis is being issued to provide other potential offerors the opportunity to provide capability statements with respect to the requirement described below.

The scope of this contract will include delivery of the following hardware and software components in a rack mount:

–           Z2098B-608 20GHz 1 Channel x 4 Port Vector EW stim system

o          1 x N5193A (KPU) -520, -1EM, -CC1, -SS4, -EP1

o          4 x N5194A (KPU) w-520 and Multi-Channel Source Calibration (MSC) sw.

o          Cal solution w- USB VNA (KPU), eCal, USB Power Sensor Test Automation Platform (TAP) and System Level Calibration (SLC) sw  

The Contractor requirement includes the following:

  • Minimum RF frequency range from 2-18 GHz
  • Able to drive at minimum 4 external RF ports for simulating Direction of Arrival (DOA) in Amplitude, Time, and Phase. All 3 dimensions must be calibrated and dynamically synced based on target location vs RF source location.
  1. To include thermal control over all sources for phase coherence
  2. Calibration is required for both normal maintenance and real time calibration of streaming inputs for coherent RF output
  • Able to use the following inputs to drive signals:
  1. Manual RF parameter manipulation at the waveform level down to the pulse level
  2. Computer aided input  
  3. NAWCWD generated simulations in a Keysight UXG format
  4. Pulse Descriptor Word real time streaming
  5. Pulse Descriptor Word data file
  • Fully extensible with current Keysight UXG systems in the AWIIL NAWCWD labs
  1. Plug and play functionality to sync up DOA across various threat scenarios
  2. Plug and play functionality to use same signal input formats
  • All RF hardware must connect to the internals of the rack system. Contractor is not responsible for connections outside the rack.

This notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals; however, any firm believing it can fulfill the requirement identified above may submit a written response which shall be considered by the agency.  The written response shall reference solicitation number N6893620R0144 and provide a capability statement that clearly indicates the firm’s experience, assets, background, and ability to perform the required work without compromising the quality, accuracy, reliability, and schedule no later than 31 August 2020 via email to the Contract Specialist, Bobby Kapadia at bobby.h.kapadia@navy.mil

and the Contracting Officer, Thomas Vitale at thomas.vitale@navy.mil via a Microsoft Word .doc or Acrobat Adobe .pdf file. The File shall not exceed 10 pages with a minimum font size of 12 point.

The results of this Sources Sought will be utilized to identify if companies can meet the agency’s requirements. In your response, please include Company Size (Small or Large according to the NAICS and size standard listed); If your company is a Small Business, specify if your company is or is not each of the following: (a) Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB); (b) HUBZone Small Business; (c) 8(a) Concern; (d) Woman-Owned Small Business; (e) Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business.

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