N6883620Q0258 – Sources Sought – 6910 – Expertise and deliverables to conduct a competitive academic competition consisting of two distinct parts, to include a Level I online game and a Level II online game

Sep 6, 2020 | Sources Sought

The Naval Supply (NAVSUP) Systems Command, Fleet Logistics Center Jacksonville (FLCJ), FL intends to issue a sole source award utilizing Simplified Acquisition Procedures to College Options Foundation (COF) for expertise and deliverables to conduct a competitive academic competition consisting of two distinct parts, to include a Level I online game and a Level II online game. This shall include complete logistical support for online preliminary academic and game competition rounds between Navy Junior Reserves Officer’s Training Corp (NJROTC) units worldwide. As the OEM, COF is the only authorized source that can produce the custom developed Programs, Programming Code, and All Supporting Code for the College Options Foundation JROTC Academic and Leadership Bowls.
The program was created, copyrighted, and are owned for exclusive use by the College Options Foundation, Inc. to be used with the joint JROTC Academic and Leadership Bowl (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force) are proprietary and remain the property of COF. COF is the only source that can provide this requirement. Access to this product is required for the ability to perform the services for this acquisition. Without the OEM’s program to provide the expertise and deliverables, NJROTC will not be able to conduct training to sufficiently support the over 90,000 NJROTC cadets’ demands and requirements. This requirement is provide online games to reinforce NJROTC curriculum; Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), and American College Test (ACT) core subjects; and current events for teams of up to six (6) students currently enrolled in the NJROTC program; the online competition should be designed and coded specifically for a JROTC academic bowl.

COF does not have any authorized distributors to provide their products within the United States.
The applicable North American Industrial Classification System Code (NAICS) code that these items fall under is 611691, Exam Preparation and Tutoring, with a size standard of $8M. This notice of intent is for information purposes only. All sources eligible to provide this requirement must respond in writing. Responses must be supported with clear and convincing evidence to clearly articulate the ability to provide this requirement as outlined above. A request for documentation will not be considered as an affirmative response. If no responses are received, within three (3) business days after publication of this notice, to the effect that comparable items are available, and that it is more advantageous to the Government than obtaining this product through a sole source contract, then a sole source acquisition award will be made.
Response to this notice is to be sent to Dedsy.Lascano@navy.mil.

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