This is a notice of intent to solicit and award a sole source contract in accordance with (IAW) FAR 6.302.1(a)(2)(iii). The Commander, Fleet Readiness Center (COMFRC) at Patuxent River, MD, intends to solicit and award a sole source Firm Fixed Price contract type for A2B Tracking Solutions, Inc’s Hosted UC! Web Software as-a-Service (SaaS) with Installation, Training, and Integration Services.

UC! Web is a secure, cloud-based Asset Management Solution that meets FAR 52.245-1, manages inventories and automates data exchange to PIEE, WAWF, GFP Module, IUID Registry, and PCARSS for sustained audit readiness.  UC! Web captures and reports on every transaction from cradle to grave.  This includes: asset record keeping, inventories, assignment of IUIDs, asset pedigree, and custody transfers.

UC! Web is hosted software application developed by A2B Tracking that provides IUID data management as a part of an integrated IUID compliance workflow, from IUID creating through to IUID registration within the Department of Defense’s IUID registry.  

The following unique capabilities in the marketplace are provided, in their entirety, to manage the workflow from this single vendor.

  1. Currently proven and operating within the NMCI environment.
  2. Create UII with asset pedigree in the UC! Web database according to DoD’s IUID Registry requirements.
  3. Print MIL STD 130 compliant label or plate.
  4. Validate all machine readable codes to ISO syntax and semantics.
  5. Verify all machine readable codes to ISO quality and grade.
  6. Apply to asset with barcode-enabled capture of affixment date/time.
  7. Registration of IUID with pedigree to the Registry in support of the legacy domain and XML submission format.
  8. Capture and store all asset identification and registration transactions including UII creation, print/mark, affixment, asset transfers, automated DD forms, IUID registrations, alternative marks, part number rollovers, and other lifecycle events for audit readiness and reporting.

A2B Tracking also provides specialized information management skills and experience necessary to support NAVAIR’s Fleet Readiness Centers (FRCs) with automatic data capture technology and IUID compliance systems.  A2B personnel provide unique one-of-a-kind experience in the implementation of A2B Tracking Solution’s proprietary software, UC! Web.  UC! Web is designed specifically to provide asset tracking and data management software capabilities to military programs and depots.  To support UC! Web deployments, A2B Tracking Solution’s Information Management and Technology Analysts are required to maintain extensive experience in the use of automated identification technology, DoDI 8320.04 background, and practical MIL STD 129P and 130N implementation skills.  In addition, A2B personnel are required to maintain the know-how to integrate UC! Web into existing hardware devices on NAVAIR FRCs’ network(s), which include thermal transfer printers, laser marking systems, verification systems, barcode scanners and barcode-integrated mobile computers.

NAVAIR depends upon UC! Web to manage IUID workflow to meet military compliance standards.  UC! Web is a hosted software application developed by A2B Tracking that provides IUID data management as part of an integrated IUID compliance workflow, from IUID creation through to IUID registration within the DoD’s IUID Registry.  As a networked software service and databased application, all NAVAIR FRCs must be connected and using the same system and database application to achieve Department-wide compliance with MIL STD 130 asset identification and marking standards.  FRCASE, Solomons, MD, FRC East, Cherry Point, NC, FRC Southeast, Jacksonville, FL, and FRC Southwest, San Diego, CA. currently uses A2B Tracking solutions and functions as per DoD guidance.

This Sources Sought notice is not a request for competitive proposals and does not commit the Government to award a contract as a result of this announcement.  A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed contract based upon responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government.  Information received will normally be considered solely for the purpose of determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement.  The information provided herein is for information purposes only.  These requirements are subject to change based on the Government’s need.