The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest (NAVFACSW) intends to award a contract to one source (Southern California Gas Company) under the authority of 10 U.S.C. 2913, which allows the Navy to enter into agreements with gas or electric utility companies to design and implement cost-effective demand and conservation incentive programs (including energy management services, facilities alterations, and the installation and maintenance of energy savings devices and technologies by the utility companies) to address the requirement and circumstances of the installation. 

NOTE:  The solicitation will not be made available on this website.

This notice is provided for information purposes only therefore FAR 5.203 does not apply.  This opportunity is available only to the utility contractor servicing the Southern California area under a Utilities Energy Service Contract (UESC) N62473-21-G-4403, Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA), for the installation, replacement, renovation, repair, operation and maintenance of energy conservation measures and consuming equipment.  Services shall include, but not be limited to, upgrades to Facilities Management Systems (FMS), installation of energy management systems and direct digital controls, implementation of energy conservation measures, and limited Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services for any energy savings devices and technologies installed under any Delivery Order awarded under this BOA at various navy facilities within the service territory of Southern California Edison Company.

Project Description:

The proposed Task Order Number (TBD) is for Energy Resiliency and Conservation Investment Program (ERCIP) project P-1003 provides all system design, materials, labor, and equipment to replace the existing Wind Turbine Generation System (WTGS) in San Clemente Island (SCI).