N4008523R2738 – Sources Sought – Building 77L Secure Perimeter – Project 3

May 25, 2023 | Sources Sought


The work includes the installation of a crash-rated perimeter fence, including gates and vehicle barriers, and incidental related work to protect the buildings and assets located at the Buildings 77/87 Complex at the Philadelphia Navy Yard Annex, Philadelphia, PA. Authorization to limit competition for provision of the following brand name item is hereby sought.

In addition, Ameristar products listed below were also utilized for other ATFP projects (NFPC & NSWC compounds) and were previously approved by SHPO. To prevent further project delay for SHPO approval, it was best to replicate previous approved SHPO products from Ameristar.

Therefore, per existing Security Study, Code/Standard requirements and shallow utilities, limit competition for the following products:
-Crash Rated Drop-Arm Beam Barrier:
-Nasatka/Apex M530 manual, shallow foundation, M30/P1 rating
-Nasatka NMSB-XII M, manual, deep foundation, K12/L3
-Ameristar Stalwart Gauntlet 8’-0” Tall Crash Rated Fence: K8/L2 rating, ornamental
-Ameristar Special Stalwart Footer – Shallow Foundation Bollard Post
-Barrier 1 SPB-400: Deep Foundation Bollard, M30/P1 rating
-Barrier 1 SMB-400: Shallow Foundation Bollard Array, M30/P1 rating
-Ameristar Impasse II Gauntlet High Security Ornamental Swing Gate
-Ameristar Impasse II Gauntlet High Security Ornamental Fence
-Alvarado MST-6XPF Powered Turnstile                                                                                                                                                –Alvarado MST-3PF Manual Turnstile

ESS Products:
-Lenel LNL-X2220 Intelligent Dual Reader Controller
-ID Factors 74-01-2003 Card Reader
-Altronix PD4 Power Distribution Module
-Lenel LNL-1320 Series 3 Dual Reader Interface Module
-Lenel AL400ULX Power Supply/Battery Charger Enclosure
-Lenel LNL-1300 Series 3 Reader Module Interface

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