N4008520R0036 – Sources Sought – P169 NMC Ordnance Facilities Recap

Oct 1, 2019 | Sources Sought

THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE ONLY. This notice does NOT constitute a request for proposal, request for quote, or invitation for bid. The intent of this notice is to identify potential offerors for market research purposes and to determine whether to set-aside the requirement for small business concerns.

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Mid-Atlantic is seeking eligible Small Businesses, HUBZone Small Businesses, Small Disadvantaged Businesses, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, and Women-Owned Small Businesses capable of performing construction services for the following project:

P169 – NMC Ordnance Facilities Recapitalization, PH I – This project will construct ten (10) Type-D (5 bay) earth-covered high explosive magazines providing 8,359 square meters (89,976 square feet) of needed munitions storage space. Also included is the demolition of 17 obsolete WWII era magazines.  Magazine construction will consist of foundations, walls, reinforced concrete floors, entrance and loading aprons, with ordnance bonding, grounding and lightning protection systems, intrusion detection systems and earth-covering.  Site preparations include clearing, grading, fill and earth cover of the magazines.  Site improvements include over one mile of access roads, paved truck loading/unloading areas, exterior lighting, lightning protection, concrete loading ramps and landscaping.  Electrical utilities include primary and secondary distribution systems, outside lighting, transformers, and telecommunications infrastructure. 

The procurement method to be utilized is Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 15, Contracting by Negotiation.

The primary North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code for this procurement is 237990 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction with a size standard of $39.5M.

Interested small business contractors must be able to comply with FAR Clause 52.219-14, Limitation on Subcontracting, which limits the amount of work performed by subcontractors.  Specifically, as the prime contractor, your company must perform at least 15% of the cost of the contract, not including the cost of materials, with your own employees. 

If adequate interest is not received from Small Business concerns, the solicitation will be issued as unrestricted without further notice.

It is requested that interested small businesses submit to the Contracting Officer a capabilities statement package, to include the NAVFAC Sources Sought Contractor Information Form and Sources Sought Construction Experience Project Data Form provided as attachments to this notice in order to demonstrate the ability to perform the services described.

The Sources Sought Project Information Form shall be used to document a minimum of one (1) relevant project considering size/scope/complexity, for each project type (Magazine, Roadway, and Demolition) listed below. Projects submitted for the Offeror must have been completed within fifteen (15) years prior to the date of submission. Relevant project(s) are further defined as:


1) Weapons Magazines:

Size: A minimum of 9,000 total square feet combined in the project.

Scope/Complexity: New construction of Type C or Type D earth-covered reinforced concrete weapons magazine.

2) Road Construction:

Size: A minimum of 3,000 feet. 

Scope: Secondary or primary roadway construction.

Complexity:  Heavy-duty asphalt pavements, roadside ditches, underdrainage, slope stabilizations, stormwater management facilities, and guardrails.

3) Demolition Project:

Size: Demolition of one or more magazines with a total minimum of 1,000 square feet.

Scope/Complexity: Demolition of earth-covered reinforced concrete weapons magazine.  

Ensure that the project description clearly identifies whether the project is new construction, provides the square footage, and addresses how the project meets the scope/complexity requirements.

The offeror must submit a minimum of one relevant (1) Magazine project, (1) Road Construction project, and (1) Demolition project.

Experience of proposed subcontractors will be considered for the roadway construction project only. Experience as a subcontractor will be considered for roadway construction projects not be considered only. For Magazine and Demolition projects, subcontractor experience and experience as a subcontractor will not be accepted.

Please note that if you are responding as an 8(a) Mentor-Protégé, you must indicate the percentage of work to be performed by the protégé. A copy of the SBA letter stating that your 8(a) Mentor-Protégé agreement has been approved would be required with your proposal, if requested.

This notice is a market research tool being used to determine the availability and adequacy of potential small business sources prior to determining the method of acquisition and ultimate issuance of an award.  Upon review of industry response to this sources sought notice, the Government will determine whether set-aside procurement in lieu of full and open competition is in the Government’s best interest.  Large Business submittals will not be considered.  The Government is not obligated to and will not pay for any information received from potential sources as a result of this notice. 

The information provided in this notice is subject to change and in no way binds the Government to solicit for or award a contract.  The Government will not provide debriefs on the results of this research, but feedback regarding the decision to set aside or not set aside the procurement will be accomplished via pre-solicitation synopsis or solicitation for these services as applicable.  All information submitted will be held in a confidential manner and will only be used for the purpose intended.  Points of contact listed may be contacted for the purpose of verifying performance.


The package shall be sent via electronic mail to Michelle Corsino at michelle.a.corsino@navy.mil. Packages shall not exceed 15 pages and MUST be limited to a 4MB attachment.

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