N0024421Q0010 – Sources Sought – Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) Corrosion Cleaning at ACU-5 at Camp Pendleton California.

Nov 10, 2020 | Sources Sought


The Fleet Logistics Center, San Diego (FLCSD) is conducting a market survey to determine the interest and capability of industry to participate in a competitive acquisition of non-personal services to provide Corrosion Control Cleaning Services in support of Assault Craft Unit-5 (ACU-5) located at Marine Corp Base Camp Pendleton, California.

This is a new requirement.  The contract term will be a one-year base period with a potential of 4 one-year option periods commencing 01 March 2021. The anticipated award date is 15 February 2021.  It is anticipated that the Request for Proposal (RFP) will be posted on 01 December 2020. The resulting contract is anticipated to be a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contract type.

Disclaimer: This is a SOURCES SOUGHT announcement. This notice is for market research purposes only and IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP).  It does not restrict the Government as to the ultimate acquisition approach. The Government will not reimburse respondents for any costs incurred in preparation of a response to this notice. Any information submitted by respondents to this SOURCES SOUGHT is strictly voluntary.

The Government intends to set-aside this acquisition to small business. As a result, the Government is performing market research in order to determine if small business possess the capability to execute the requirements within this acquisition.  Respondents need to indicate all small business designations.  Interested businesses that can provide the requirements identified in this notice are requested to respond.  Based upon small business responses received, consideration will be given to defining what part of the acquisition, if any, will be set-aside for small business competition.

REQUIREMENT INFORMATION:  This is a non-personal services contract to conduct craft corrosion cleaning on Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC)s for Assault Craft Unit FIVE (ACU 5) aboard Camp Pendleton, CA.

SCOPE. The contractor shall conduct LCAC craft cleaning at ACU 5 as defined in this Performance Work Statement except for those items specified as Government furnished property and services. The contractor shall perform to the standards in this contract.

WORKLOAD ESTIMATE:  See Part 5 Specific Task Data in attached Performance Work Statement (PWS).  Option years are estimated to have similar yearly cumulative hours as the base year.


Interested firms may submit capability statement describing relevant demonstrated experience and qualifications to Contract Specialist Michelle A. Muniz via Email michelle.muniz@navy.mil.  Capability statement shall be in following format:  Font Times New Roman, size 12; 8”X11” paper size when printed; no more than 10 pages one-sided when printed; in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Submissions must be received via email no later than 12:00 PM PDT on 23 November 2020.  Questions or comments regarding this notice shall be forwarded to the Contract Negotiator via EMAIL ONLY.  No phone calls will be accepted.

NO HARDCOPY OR FACSIMILE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Cover letters and extraneous materials (brochures, etc.) will not be considered.  Personal visits for the purpose of discussing this announcement will not be scheduled. THIS is NOT a REQUEST for a PROPOSAL.

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