N0017821R4400 – Sources Sought – Command Control and Communications (C3) Support

Oct 1, 2020 | Sources Sought

The scope outlined in this contract includes tasking to:  a) maintain the operations of the Geographic Broadcast Controller (GBC) and Location Server (LS) located at the Iridium Test Support Center (TSC), and virtual private network (VPN) to Dahlgren’s Operational Controller (OC);  b) maintain service availability of ACCESS, SBD, Certus, and other Iridium services utilized by the government team issuing this contract; c) develop and refine the Global Data Broadcast (GDB) Service; d) assist in the future development of new handheld end user devices that operate the ACCESS system and replace the current ROC, and; e) assist in the development and integration of devices utilizing SBD and GDB enabled modems as well as software defined radios.  As part of this effort, the Contractor shall evaluate the potential netted and/or broadcast communications architectures and shall recommend a course of action, which may include more than one architectural implementation, or the hybrid implementation(s) of multiple architectures.  Among the improvements and enhancements that will be implemented under the ACCESS and SBD architectures are the Key Performance Parameters (KPPs):  a) global range; b) increased capacity; c) improved service resilience to interference and jamming; d) and awareness and mitigation of network contention or congestion.  To design, build, and effectively test and evaluate the efficacy of these system enhancements, ongoing support for component-level and total system testing is required.  Additionally, this contract also supports the identification, development, enhancement and implementation of other Iridium-based services, products, and architectures.

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