Special Notice:  COLUMBIA Class Submarine Tailcone – Request for Information / Industry Day

This is NOT a Request for Proposal (RFP) – The award of a contract will not be made as a result of this notice.  Additionally, Offerors will not be compensated for costs related to response preparation and/or submittal. 

The Advanced Propulsor Management Office (Code 808) in the Naval Architecture and Engineering Department (Code 80) of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division (NSWCCD) is responsible for the Engineering and Manufacturing of US Navy COLUMBIA (CLB) Class submarine propulsors.  A requirement of the CLB Class propulsor is the manufacture and delivery of a CLB Tailcone.  This post seeks to identify sources and to notify potential offerors of an upcoming Industry Day to review the CLASSIFIED Tailcone documents and discuss the requirement. 

Included with this notice is a DRAFT Statement of Work (SOW) and CLIN structure (Section B).  The DRAFT documents are being provided as an opportunity for potential Offerors to provide comments and/or recommendations prior to the anticipated RFP release date in October of 2021.  NSWCCD intends to fulfill this requirement as an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with Fixed-Price-Incentive-Fee (FPIF) firm target, Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee (CPIF), and Cost CLINS for a five year ordering period.  The anticipated award date is the Third Quarter, Fiscal Year 2022.

 Interested Offerors shall provide the following information as part of their response.

  1. Cover page, not to exceed one page, to include the Organization Name, Point of Contact information, Cage Code, Business Size & Type of Organization, and a statement of interest indicating the organization’s interest in applying as a Prime or Subcontractor.
  2. Demonstrate the capability to meet the requirements and schedule.
  3. Inform the Government if any barriers exist that would not allow for the Offeror to propose.
  4. Provide recommendations on the contract vehicle, contract type or/and CLIN structure.
  5. Offerors intent to submit a proposal at time of solicitation release. 

The overall response is limited to ten pages.  Please note, no Government response will be provided to comments and/or recommendations submitted in response to this notice and respondents will NOT be notified of the result of this notifications.  All comments and recommendations will be reviewed by the Government to assist in identifying revisions to be incorporated in the draft documents, however not all recommendations may be incorporated. 

The SOW (Attachment 1) and CLIN structure (Attachment 2) are available as part of this announcement.   Supporting drawings are considered controlled documents and are ONLY available to Contractors with an approved Joint Certification Program (JCP) DD Form 2345.  Requests for the controlled documents must include the vendors CAGE and/or JCP Certification Number.  The POCs in this announcement will verify the vendor has an approved JCP by utilizing the search at https://public.logisticsinformationservice.dla.mil/jcp/search.aspx.  Contractors must have the JCP clearance loaded into SAM.GOV and request access through SAM.GOV to be granted approval to view the documents.

Classified drawings will not be provided at this time. The full set of required documents will be provided upon request after RFP release and any questions regarding them can be addressed at the Industry Day.

The Government anticipates releasing the RFP in October 2021 and intends to host a post-RFP Industry Day at NSWCCD, West Bethesda tentatively scheduled for 4 November 2021.   After verifying the vendor has an approved JCP certification, they will approve access to the controlled documents.  An announcement of the specific date and time will be sent at a later date.  It should be noted that the event will be limited to no more than two individuals per company due to local and federal COVID-19 protocols to include social distancing and wearing a mask. 

Responses should be provided via e-mail to the Points of Contact identified in this notification.