Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), Portfolio Manager, Command Element Systems, Program Manager Communications Systems, Product Manager Satellite Communications (SATCOM) seeks industry feedback and information on specific industry capabilities for the Over-the-Horizon (OTH) Agile SATCOM Integrated Service (OASIS) solution. Feedback gathered from this effort will be compiled and used to inform the solicitation for an eventual contracting effort.

Fleet Marine SATCOM users at tactical and sanctuary locations worldwide require 24/7 access to the Global Information Grid (GIG), currently provided by legacy Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT). MCSC, Quantico VA has a requirement to procure OASIS to provide warfighting units an end-to-end capability, from user terminal equipment to a DoD network point of presence (POP), that complements existing Commercial SATCOM (COMSATCOM) and Military SATCOM (MILSATCOM) capabilities. The program office envisions OASIS to include user equipment, satellite bandwidth, maintenance and logistics support, and operator training.

MCSC is seeking information from industry on current and planned SATCOM service offerings that would enable DoD to assess the acquisition potential and cost-effectiveness of augmenting current SATCOM equipment and contracts with a service-based COMSATCOM capability.