SAM – Solicitation Request for Proposal

Livermore Office Space – Lease Requirement # LLNS-RP110321

Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC, is seeking proposals/sources to provide suitable commercial office space for approximately 150 personnel. Viable candidates must be within a three-mile radius of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory main campus in Livermore (refer to the uploaded graphic that depicts the required delineated area and as further described.)

Additional ease of access to ground transportation is preferred. Space requirements are as follows; a minimum of 25,000 sf to a maximum of 27,000 sf to accommodate 140 to 160 offices (combination of private and cubicles), reception area, one large conference room to seat 30-40 persons, and two to three medium-sized conference rooms with break out areas required. Also needed are at least one or two copy/printer rooms, breakroom/kitchenette, sufficient office storage for office supplies, computer equipment room/facility a plus. Prefer fully improved suite ready for move-in but, will consider unfinished depending on time to complete and Tenant Improvement allowance. Fiber optic and/or cable broadband internet connections, card key access to building and suite will be required and installed if not present. Adjacent parking for employees and invitees/guests is required. Overall, the facility must be ADA compliant for access, restroom, and parking. Single floor preferred.

LLNS is looking for available lease possession in first to second quarter of 2022, with lease commencement subject to move-in and possession date negotiated. The overall lease term will be for 5 years. The offered terms should also breakdown operational costs (Taxes, Insurance and CAMs) as components of the monthly lease rate whether triple net or gross.  Rates should be provided in monthly and annual price per square foot of leasable space.  Include any annual reconciliation for triple net costs as estimated for the first year of term and provide security deposit requirement. Please note any additional services which are a portion of the monthly lease costs proposed (i.e., janitorial, garbage, etc.)  Please indicate annual lease rate escalation.

(Note: This lease will be subject to a limitation of funds made available to LLNS each Government fiscal year.  LLNS will reserve the right to terminate the lease for convenience if additional fiscal year Government funding is not provided during the term of the lease.)

Interested offerors should submit detailed information (including floor plans and site parking available) for available office space meeting the requirements set forth and must submit landlord's draft sample lease with proposed terms. Respond directly to: M. Martino, at, no later than the Response Date deadline of 5pm Pacific Time, Friday, November 19, 2021.

Candidate office space must be within 3 mile delineated area.