Joint Task Force – Holloman AFB, NM Statement of Need 8 Sep 2021

1.SCOPE. This Item description request defines the effort required to lease shower andtoilet trailers. Joint Task Force – Holloman AFB in support of Operation Allies Welcome.

1.1. Background. Shower and toilet trailers to entail at least 56 stalls of each. These temporary temporary life sustainment trailers will be utilized during this declared contingency operations in support of the aforementioned operation.

1.2. Place of Performance. Life Sustainment Area for Joint Task Force members at Holloman AFB, New Mexico.

2.REQUIREMENTS :57 Toilet and 57 shower stalls in any configuration that trailers allot for. Location hasexisting hard piped and electrical connection available. Propane will not be utilized. This will be for lease, a period of up to 6-months and possibly longer.

3.DELIVERY. Request expedited delivery, Contractor agreeds to deliver trailers within 7-days or less after contract or agreement award. Vendor must provide notification of shipping, to include tracking numbers, to the inspector/acceptor before items are shipped. Deliver product to:49th Contracting Squadron490 1ST ST BLDG 29HOLLOMAN AFB, NM88330-8225

4.INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE. Inspection and Acceptance of equipment to be furnished shall be made in accordance with terms and conditions of the contract/agreement. Point of contact for inspection/ acceptance is TSgt Williams, Augusta, JTF A4, his information will be given at award.

5.INVOICING. Contractor Payment will be made by Government Purchase Card (GPC) and payment inquiries should be directed to:49th Contracting Squadron,490 1ST ST BLDG 29 STE 2111HOLLOMAN AFB, NM 88330-82256.Direct any questions to MSgt Henry, Christopher at or SrA Lopez, at