IHS-OIT-8132020 – Sources Sought – Vista Imaging Support Services (Seeking Veteran-Owned Small Business and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Native-Alaskan/Native-American Owned Enterprises)

Aug 14, 2020 | Sources Sought


This is a Sources Sought Notice. This is NOT a solicitation for proposals, or quotations. The purpose of this notice is to obtain information regarding the availability and capability of qualified small business firms and/or Veteran-owned small business (VOSB) and small disadvantaged veteran-owned (SDVOSB) Native-Alaskan/Native-American-Owned Firms that can participate in the upcoming requirement under the authority of The Buy Indian Act (25 USC 47). Your responses to the information requested will assist the Government in determining the appropriate acquisition strategy.


The Indian Health Service (IHS) is the principal Federal health care provider and health advocate for American Indian people which provides a comprehensive health services delivery system for American Indians and Alaska Natives. The range of services includes traditional inpatient, ambulatory care, preventive care, and population health which is delivered through a network of hospitals and clinics distributed through 35 states. The IHS Office of Information Technology (OIT) is required to support and maintain the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the Health IT systems that support the IHS mission. 

This is a non-personal services requirement for the support of computer hardware used at IHS facilities for imaging software called “Vista Imaging”.  VistA Imaging (VI) supplies the multimedia component that completes the functionality of the RPMS Electronic Health Record.  VI enables EHR users to view scanned documents and clinical images (photos, radiographs, etc.) that are linked to a patient’s electronic record.  It also provides Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) capabilities for the long-term storage of images. 

The VistA Imaging application was written by VA and has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a medical device.  This FDA certification encompasses both the VistA Imaging application and the hardware/software configurations that make up the VistA Imaging operating environment.  Due to VistA Imaging being an FDA Certified Device, IHS requires dedicated VistA Imaging infrastructure support to provide rapid resolution to problems. This entails having a support center that is extremely proficient with the VistA Imaging hardware and software interface. This support will be specifically for the VistA Imaging hardware at the medical facilities and does not include access to the RPMS servers at the facilities.

The Government shall not exercise any supervision or control over the contract service providers performing the services herein.  Such contract service providers shall be accountable solely to the Contractor who, in turn is responsible to the Government.


IHS is seeking contract sources who have demonstrated experience in relevant scope in terms of its size, complexity and magnitude to the activities to be performed under this scope, particularly, as it pertains to technical knowledge and experience with the VISTA Imaging system in accordance with the attached, Performance Work Statement (PWS).

The capability statement shall sufficiently address how the responder’s support services will be delivered for the proposed project. The qualifying response for this notice must ensure that the offeror has the experience and capacity to take part in this specific type of requirement.

In particular, the responders SHALL provide a Technical Capability, addressing each of the following information in addition to the questions within Attachment 2 – Market Research Survey and Technical Questionnaire attached to this Notice.

  • Contractor’s capability to provide VISTA Imaging Support Services at an entity/enterprise level;
  •  Contractor’s technical experience and knowledge and any past performance information that is relevant to this requirement; and
  •  Contractor and contractor staff qualifications/certifications.

Optional Capabilities Statement:

1. Please provide three (3) references for any similar requirements your organization has worked – include agency/customer, project name, contract number, period of performance and a brief description.

 2. In terms of evaluation approaches, beyond the required evaluation factors e.g. Past Performance, Technical and Price/Cost, what specific aspects within the Technical Factor do you recommend the Government evaluate that are “discriminators” to help distinguish differences in a Contractor’s approach?

Optional Feedback:

Please provide any feedback or questions you may have related to this requirement and the draft PWS.


All capable parties are encouraged to respond to this RFI and to the attached, M-RAS Questionnaire. Responses must directly demonstrate the company’s capability, experience, and ability to marshal resources to effectively and efficiently perform the objectives described above. Generic capability statements are not sufficient and will not be considered compliant with the requirements of this notice.

The Government requests interested parties submit a written response to this notice which includes:

a. Company point of contact, mailing address, and telephone number(s), and website address

b. Applicable company GSA Schedule number or other available procurement vehicle.

c. Company’s System for Award Management (SAM) registration status.

Only one (1), single document can be uploaded. Please be sure to combine all documents or convert to PDF prior to uploading and submitting via email. 

Please do not provide general capabilities statements. Only provide relevant information related to this requirement. This is optional

All Optional feedback and questions must be submitted legibly on an Excel, Word, or PDF document to the furnished email addresses. 

Disclaimer and Important Notes. This notice shall not obligate the Government to award contract. Any information provided by industry to the Government as a result of this sources sought synopsis is strictly voluntary. Responses will not be returned. No entitlements to payment of direct or indirect costs or charges to the Government will arise as a result of contractor submission of responses, or the Government’s use of such information or otherwise pay for the information provided in response. The Government reserves the right to use information provided by respondents for any purpose deemed necessary and legally appropriate. Any organization responding to this notice should ensure that its response is complete and sufficiently detailed to allow the Government to determine the organization’s qualifications to perform the work. Respondents are advised that the Government is under no obligation to acknowledge receipt of the information received or provide feedback to respondents with respect to any information submitted. After a review of the responses received, a pre-solicitation synopsis and solicitation may be published on a government GPE. Furthermore, responses to this notice will not be considered adequate responses to a solicitation.

Confidentiality. No proprietary, classified, confidential, or sensitive information should be included in your response. The Government reserves the right to use any non-proprietary technical information in any resultant solicitation(s).  Responses must be submitted via email, no later than 5:00pm ET on Thursday, August 27, 2020.  All Questions are due no later than 2:00pm ET on Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

Capability statements will not be returned and will not be accepted after the due date. The maximum number of pages for this submission is ten (10) pages and is inclusive of feedback and responses to the attached, Market Research Survey and Technical Questionnaire. Interested parties shall submit their responses to this notice to the both individuals listed below in order to be considered compliant.

Primary POC:

Glenda Smith

Contract Specialist

Email: Glenda.Smith@ihs.gov;

Secondary POC:

 Paul Premoe

Contracting Officer

Email: Paul.Premoe@ihs.gov

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